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    First prison post!

    Don't worry, we're not going to take 6-7 months to get this up once we start working on it.
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    Most people on Minecraft have their own little special skins they've made or found online that they like, but the thing about minecraft skins is that they're usually not all that detailed. I mean you can only put, what, 8x8 dots on the face? Lame. So, I guess why I'm here is: I want to help bring your Minecraft skin to life! I've already done a few (as you may have seen of BnJ and Husker's), but I've done some more to give you a better example of what I'm trying to say. I did Bill1993, Flawless_Method (aka. Waddles), and portalBlock, shown below. If you would like me to draw your skin, just comment I guess. I need your full Minecraft name, case sensitive, and a little description of what your skin is. If you'd like me to put a little artistic freedom into my drawings, then I'm more than likely going to be a little weird with my creativity. (: -Wrena
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    Fan Art

    So I've been in a major art block lately, so I doodled this really quick. Hopefully they're be more of these to come!
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    Hey, guys! I was wondering, since it's getting close to that time of year, if we could do a holiday build competition? I think doing it would be a ton of fun like the super hero/villain build. Like, it'd be a holiday theme, such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. Would that be possible?
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    Finally! After days and days, hours and hours spent on this spawn I finally finished it! I really hope that you'll like it Full album can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/K3GNM
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    Town: /town new [Town Name] Costs $5,000 Needs money to be kept up, see below /town deposit [amount] Adds money to the town bank Only mayors can take money out, See below /town withdrawl [amount] Removes money from the town bank. /town add [name] Gives players an interface to join your town. Looks like: /accept /deny Only Assistant and Mayors can invite players to town. /town toggle open Allows players to: /town join [town name] If you dislike this choice, just type it again and it will turn off. Mayor command /town kick [name] Kicks players from your town Assistant and Mayor command /town rank [Add/Remove] [Name] [Assistant/Vip] Gives player the given rank, Must be a resident Mayor command /town claim Claims a 16x16x256 area (one chunk) for players to claim Costs money to claim so have some in the town bank. /town claim outpost Claims a 16x16x256 area that doesn't have to be connected to your town. /town set outpost Makes a townblock into an outpost block /town set homeblock Changes the plot in which is labeled [Home] Withholds the town spawn Mayor Command /town set spawn Changes the block players spawn on in your town. Must be in the towns homeblock Mayor command /town spawn Teleports you to your towns spawn /town spawn [town name] Teleports you to another towns spawn Ex: /town spawn Excelsior /town toggle public Allows non-residents to teleport to your town with the above command. Mayor command /town set board [message] Changes the message residents of your town see when they log in. Mayor command Plots: /plot claim Claims one chunk, 16x16x256 Mayor and Assistant command /res toggle plotborder Shows where the chunks are with black particles when you cross over a chunk border. This will be what /town claim will actually take. /plot set perm [Resident/Ally/Outsider/Friend] [Build/Destroy/Item/Switch] [On/Off] Gives players of that "Rank" the given ability. /res friend add [Name] Makes said player your Friend. Friends will be able to build/destroy on plots after above command is used to specify they can do so. /plot claim Claims a plot thats "for sale" in a town /plot set [Shop/Embassy/Wilds/Spleef/Inn/Arena] Changes plot type /plot [fs/nfs] [Price] Makes a plot For Sale (fs) or Not For Sale (nfs) at given price /plot set name [Name] Changes the name you see when you enter the plot Nation: /nation new [Name] Creates a Nation Costs $10,000 You can Invite other Town into your Nation /nation add [Town] Invites a Town to your nation /nation kick [Town] Kicks said town from your Nation. /nation deposit [amount] Adds money to your nation's bank /nation withdrawl [amount] Removes money from the nation's bank
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    Voting Contest

    HEY GUYS! Ender here. I have something that I feel needs to be said. So, while you are on the server, every now and then you see where players vote. If you don't already I would like you to as well. Voting comes with a lot of perks like things in /shop. In creative you can get things like world edit. On skyblock you can buy island warps and survival you can get things like /stack or /fly. These are all really cool things that are purchased with the tokens you earn from voting and you can get them too! At the beginning of every month the owners, Nick and Husker, post the top voters. If you are one of those people you can get coins to get things from /buy (pretty sure that's the command) with these you can purchase ranks that allow you to do special things like /back or own vaults that allow extra space. Along with that you get more tokens! Not only does voting benefit you, but it benefits the owners by moving us higher on the minecraft server lists. The higher we are, the more friends we have to join us who may purchase ranks of their own or vote. With this Nick and Husker can use the money they make to pay for not only the server but future additions such as , for say, Skygrid or Prison. To make PickAxis a better place, I want you guys to vote every day. Don't worry, I'll join too. All these things I mentioned, yall can have. Just vote daily for the amazing rewards. Bring your friends on to the server, remind them to vote. Tell people about PickAxis. Follow us on Twitter, create a forums account, participate in contests, help other players, and lastly be very active. Keep up to date with everything. Making PickAxis the best server it can be isn't just Nick, Husker, and the staff team's job. It's yours too, we need your help to do this, as a team. To make things even more fun I'm going to host a little game. If you bring friends on the server, tell them to tell me that (insert gamer tag here) invited you to PickAxis and I will give you a reward. Along with that, who ever votes the most in the months, January , February , March, April, and May, will receive a special present from myself on which ever sub-server you choose. How to get your present? I will mail you in the lobby, do /mail read to check. Thank yall! Happy voting! If you have any questions feel free to message me on Twitter, in game, pm on forums, or just simply post it here. If every one plays this game, I will continue to host it, even after May.
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    New YouTube Video

    Hey guys, Just finished the new youtube video today. here ya go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVtKkQw8T64&list=UUnft_mTGmc_xGlzDM01HV6g This post has been promoted to an article
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    Thank you everyone who helped make this. You guys are awesome Thanks go to Sway, Scar, Miku, Blackops, and Pinball! you guys are awesome ;-;
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    The Drop Party

    My Fellow Pickaxians, The time has come for us to celebrate the independence of diamonds, cobble and zombie flesh, well drop them from above. There will be a weekend packed with events that will of course include our famous drop parties on both Skyblock and Survival, we know how much you love them! The times and dates will be: Skyblock drop party - Saturday 2nd July - 10pm (BST) 5pm (ET) 3pm (MDT) 9am (NZST) Survival Drop Party - Sunday 3rd July - 10pm (BST) 5pm (ET) 3pm (MDT) 9am (NZST) Other times for games and events will be announced shortly. Now for your job: We need donations. The more we have the longer the party will be! The more stackable items the longer the party will be. With your help we can make this the best drop party ever!
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    Miku the Forum Whore claims the first post on this new KitPvP section. When this game mode comes out all shall bow to the epic Miku. You wanna 1v1? Too bad I shall come and intterupt your 1v1 with mah sexy leather goddess armor.
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    I will attempt to research a distributed artificial neural network utilizing Apache Hadoop for DDoS analysis. If this concept works I will then proceed to run around outside screaming in joy, if not then I will probably go study math.
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    Welcome and congrats to everyone that have been made staff. Very much deserved for all of you!! If you need any help then don't hesitate to ask!! If you applied for staff and didn't get it, don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean you're not going to. If you are looking to want to become staff you can apply here If you are not staff...be gentle and patient with the new guys Clare
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    3 Reasons to Vote

    #1 - you get tokens, and what do tokens make.... cool things! You can get 50 tokens each day which can be spent on survival skyblock, skywars for cool perks. Just do /shop and see what you can save up for.... So you have purchased all of the perks over all servers? #2 - the top 3 voters each month get a cash reward to spend on the server to buy ranks. What? So you have obsidian rank across all of the servers? You have everything you could possibly need and the tokens are just building up? #3 Keep voting to support this awesome server. A lot of blood sweat and tears go into making this server as great as it is and we all want to make it bigger and better. Voting pushes us up the ranks and the higher we get the more players we can get. Pickaxes is nothing without all you amazing players. We love each and everyone of you and we hope you love us back! Click here and show us your love.
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    Since I had so many requests for more drawings (see above...), here is another beautiful piece of my artwork:
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    I take requests.... In lieu of a request, here is a lamp:
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    We've started featuring YouTubers on our YouTube Channel. (Subscribe here: https://pickaxis.tv) We will be actively growing the channel in the coming month and we would like to help you grow with us. If you would like a video added to our YouTuber playlist, link it in this post and we will review it before posting it. If we see enough good PickAxis content, we will add your channel to our growing list of YouTubers who we will be promoting, along with the server. How does this benefit you? You want to grow your audience, we do too. Let's grow together!We aren't looking for experts, but with practice, we can all become experts. Making videos only helps you get better. Make some PickAxis videos and get featured! How does this benefit us? These videos give us something to talk about and share (instead of sharing Husker's boring videos over and over again!)You never know when a PickAxis YouTuber could become the next {insert your choice of good YouTuber name here}. Let's grow together!
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    Hello Human lifeforms!

    Well hello all you puppies and kittens! For those who don't know me, my name is UnicornHorn! Long time MC player, as well as console gamer, board game player, and cellphone app beater. I'm a mommy of one 2yr old super mutant, wife of my manslave for almost 3 years, and the pet/butler to two dogs and one cat. I'm an at home mom who frequently visits Best Buy in disguise as an employee. Um....OH! I'm an old lady so yeah, I demand manners and polite behavior from all minions in my immediate vicinity. I work in the medical field and apologize in advanced if I go all crazy medical talk on you. Whelp if you need more info, please make an appointment with my secretary or find me. I'm almost as good as waldo when it comes to hiding so good luck! Always and forever -Uni-
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    Black Market

    I heard there's a black market in Survival. With prices no other can rival And no one will know That it's hidden below A house in the spawn You'll search all day long so... If you know where it is, don't tell! If you know what it buys, do sell! Please grab me some boots And some other cool loots And soon we'll be living so well
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    I have a new desktop background on my computer. You can use it too, if you'd like. Here it is! - Click here for the original image to download.
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    Art thing

    Here you go Husker, I posted it to pickaxis. holy crud the resolution is high.
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    PWU (PickAxis Weekly Update) - 11/20/14 What's New? Tokens! You can now earn 50 tokens a day from voting and in the near future even more from winning minigames and/or contests. Do /tokens to see your balance and /shop to spend your tokens on each server. Need help? Ask below or find a staff member.Double jump & Glider in the lobby: <3 This glider plugin was made especially for PickAxis. Let portalBlock know how much you love it...and try not to just hang out in the lobby and jump all night (like I tend to do). Voting: We are now listed on 5 different MC server lists. Voting for our server makes us more visible to those looking for a new MC home. Please help us rise in the lists to attract the MC-homeless. We can and will show them a loving home. Remember to vote every 24 hours!Forum trophies: By now you will have seen little icons under your name on forum posts. These are trophies that represent events you participate in, contests you win, or any other little reason we see to reward trophies. How many can you collect? What's Coming? Heroes vs. Villains Build Contest!: helios8385 is in charge of getting our next build contest up and running. Building should start this weekend sometime. Good luck to everyone!Surprise server: There is a server that, if we start getting enough players on, we will launch in the next few weeks. Who's excited? This girl is! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Get Banned (Game)

    I found NickG365's hideout room in the lobby and told everyone where it was. I don't know why I did it. It's one of those things you just do when you find a treasure. I announced my find to everyone on Teamspeak. Little did I know that Nick was also in the Teamspeak channel. Oops! "What do I do?" I thought to myself. I left the Teamspeak channel and went to the lobby to apologize over private messages to him. Upon seeing me approach his hideout, Nick got mad and slammed his wooden door in my face. Surely he knew I was just there to apologize, but he wanted none of it. At this point, a lot of people had already congregated around his hidden room and some had even entered and started poking at his stuff. Nick became irate when some unknown n00b knocked his mixer to the ground and all the knobs slid out of place. His face turned red and he started physically shoving people out. I hid behind the door, because I was afraid he'd turn green, rip his shirt off, and then rip me to shreds at this point. Sadly, Nick had no resource pack on or I may have been able to hide more effectively while crouching, but because he was using the default pack he saw me right through the wooden door window. He sprinted over to the door, slammed it closed and he started fuming like a steam engine on a train. Bubbles started coming out of his mouth and one also came out of his nose. I had to work hard not to laugh but my overwhelming desire to giggle was overshadowed by the sweat dripping off my cheek. I stood up straight against the wall where the door once partially hid me from this raging bull. I had no idea what to do at this moment and in fear, my trembling fingers took control over my keyboard. "/kick N" was what they typed and my pinky lightly hit "Enter". That was all that Nick needed to fuel his anger even more. Within seconds I found myself refreshing my server page on Minecraft hoping it wasn't true. I had been banned by NickG365.
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    MLP Battle Arena....duh!
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    Imgur link here. You can make your own wallpaper here. They have all kinds of cute wallpapers you can put any character in with just their character name.
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    Hey all, I just wanted to run through a recent rule change and some reminders for you all. As some of you may be aware we have updated the rules with regards to players being AFK on survival. The rule (number 1) now states the following "Do not AFK for extended periods of time, or near anything that could negatively impact other player's experience" This means you will be kicked if you afk for long periods of time, especially at automatic farms. Extended periods of time is generally 30-45 mins or longer. All staff can check your last known movements and will try to communicate with you before kicking you. One thing we have noticed recently is the amount of players making long strip mines in the normal world. Please refrain from doing this as we do not want the whole world chopping up. The mining world is a great place for resources, and is reset monthly, so please use it for your resource gathering. Can I please ask players to stop begging or demanding other players and staff for items, death points or certain locations. It is not a staff members job to find your stuff after death or finding places you have lost. I will help players where I can but I will only do so when shown respect from the player, not when I am told I have to. Every item on Minecraft is replaceable. Remember your manners! Finally, please refrain from "fake" auctions. continuously putting an auction up when you intend on cancelling it is a little unfair, especially on newer or players with little money. Thank you for your continued support on the Pickaxis server and your understanding on these matters, I welcome any suggestions and feedback on this Have a great day Clare
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    This is my to-do list. Feel free to add recommendations to it. The things on the list are for me to explore doing, not guaranteed to happen. The purpose of this list serves 3 needs: 1) To help me remember what to do 2) For your visibility 3) For you to help contribute ideas Husker's To-Do's: Husker's To-Done's:
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    Community farms..

    Hey guys, As many of you know I, in the past, have made enderman farms in the end after the monthly reset. I just wondered how everyone feels about this, how much they were used and if it is work carrying on doing. So I have a couple of questions: Did you like that we had a community farm? Did you use the farm? Would you like me to build another enderman farm when the end resets? Would you like to build a community farm? (enderman, blaze, wither, gold) I'm interested to hear your feedback Thanks Clare
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    Husker was having a bad day....

    Viewer discretion is advised Can anyone guess who it is?
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    Hey Guys so as some may be aware I have been working on a new Map for the server over the past few weeks, and is still under Development Here you can see the Process of the build that I have done and Will continue to add new Images for you all to see and be amazed xD Hope you all enjoy this build! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
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    life and live streaming

    I'm 30, male, married, all around gamer, and work in a warehouse. Also I live stream and plan to live stream this server. Funny thing is this server was recommended to me from someone on another server after we got to talking for awhile. I explained that I can't seem to find a server that has this and that and the person pointed me to here. So I hopped on and was shocked to see a survival server that actually challenges you to survive! I'm not angry about it but I did facepalm at the fact that so many "survival" servers didn't have mobs, what was I suppose to survive? Boredom? Anyways That's the extent of my intro.
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    Yes, I look adorable.

    Rawr! Turtle Taco!!!!!!
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    I, Jak, have killed the Ender Dragon! With the Help of RoboticCreeper10 and Gsdcs29615 (Thanks for helping!) I Shot the last Arrow to the Ender Dragon.... The Dragon was killed at 12:50 PM 12/22/14 The Last Crstal... Finish Him! Fatality! We Did it!
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    Time zone translation: 10pm CET = 4pm EST (New York) 3pm CST (Texas) 2pm Mountain (Colorado) 1pm PST (California)
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    That's right! PickAxis is finally in beta! What does that mean for you? There are some fun new features that we're excited to tell you about as part of our beta launch, and we'll have more to announce over the next few weeks. Voting We are listed on 5 server list websites. Please vote for PickAxis on each of them every 24 hours. When you vote, it will bring PickAxis up in the rankings and bring more players to the server. As a thank you from us, you'll be rewarded with 10 tokens each time you vote. Tokens Each day you can get 50 tokens for voting (10 tokens x 5 sites). On each server you can access the token shop by using the /shop command. You can buy some awesome perks with your tokens, like fly in Survival and SkyBlock, and extra plots in creative. The coolest part of tokens is that you can earn almost everything that's available in our real-money store. Stay on the lookout because we'll be hosting events and mini-games where you can earn more tokens each day. What else? We've been working tirelessly to add some really cool things to make the future of PickAxis epic. We've also fixed various bugs and cleaned up some things on our journey from alpha to beta. On top of that, we will be adding the ability to purchase paid packages from our store shortly, in case saving up tokens isn't your thing or if you're simply feeling generous. It's now time to start inviting all your friends to come play with you on PickAxis! Please be welcoming and helpful to any new players you see. They will look to you for advice. Keep an eye out for more new features coming soon! We look forward to seeing you in-game! Click here to view the announcement
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    Just leaving this here...

    Hey guys, just going to leave this picture here for you to guess what it is. Winner will get 5 FREE tokens As a side note: This is a picture of a plugin, not just of me xD Please note: This is not open to staff due to them already knowing. ALERT: The plugin is now live @ the lobby, be sure to double jump and find out what happens next Congratz to dbikowicz for winning the guessing game! PS: I will announce the winner here when there is one.
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    We have plans to start tracking play time in the near future, with a breakdown for each server.
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    Welcome to PickAxis!

    PickAxis is a brand new network of Minecraft servers and we are looking to do things the right way. With almost 10 years of combined server ownership experience, our goal is to provide a player-focused and fun gaming experience. At PickAxis, our players can expect a friendly and helpful community, supportive and involved staff, and an ever-evolving range of games and features to keep the Minecraft experience fresh and fun. With these experiences and ideals in mind, the concept for PickAxis was born. Our goal at PickAxis is to give you the Minecraft server you have always desired, yet haven't been able to find. PickAxis is where you can finally have it all: Strong community; Supportive staff; and a consistently entertaining Minecraft experience. Click here to view the announcement
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    Minecraft Pick Up Lines

    are you an enchanting table?, cuz you just gave me Sharpness IV.
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    Hello, nice to meet'cha.

    So... Introductions... alright, well... Here we go: Hello. I'm ChewyPudding, but most minecraft people just call me Chewy. In the real world I go by Sam, so you could also call me that if you wish. I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin, (Go Pack Go!) I'm 15 years old (Though I will be 16 come Friday, August 1st) and I'm kinda just a little bit of a huge nerd. I have a bit of a knack for language, so I'm can using english very much well and I'm learning 3 others. (German and Mandarin through school, Japanese independantly.) I'm also what most people would call a "band geek" but I'm cool, because I play the Bass. So you know, I can be heard for maybe a measure in a whole two songs. My geekyness doesn't end there though, I obviously play video-games (though not as much Minecraft as I did in years past) and I also sink way too much of money (Which I earn by working at a super fancy and super classy resturant, Little Caesars) into Magic: The Gathering, so if any of you play I'd be happy to spend a little time geeking out about it or to even just have a nice discussion. As you can probably guess, I'm not too sporty, but I do play a little bit of recreational soccer, and tournament sabre fencing.
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    [Map preview] flower mountain

    Here is a preview of my newest map. It is a very large mountainous area of radius 250. I won't talk too much about it and just show some pictures. Larger pictures can be found at http://imgur.com/a/WEr7m Map overview, spawn is in the centre and shows the location of some key features. Spawn area with the small church Forest with giant tree. Temple ruins with the marsh on the right and the forest in the back Pillar Village with the marsh and river and spawn in the background. Mountainside and spawn. Small cave underneath the mountainside Waterside Riverside gate. Mountain gate with the forest behind it. Sorry for the large post but this is a small update on the new map.
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    Husk Husk Husk!

    I'm posting here because I'm avoiding doing actual work while at work. I'm one of the owners around here and you can usually find me trolling people or TWERKING! Here are some of my things/links/etc. Yes, these links are clickable! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube Twitter Twitch Instagram ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a nub, but I've been playing Minecraft since 2010. I'm addicted to the sound of the crunching pixels under my pixel feet. I stream on Twitch a few times each week. I'm dating James Marsden (yeah, this one!) You don't need proof. We work hard to keep our personal relationship off the grid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ Are you really 32 years old? Are you really asking a woman to verify her age? Why are you even wondering anyway? And, yes I was born in the same year the movie E.T. came out (1982). How long have you been playing Minecraft? I've played since 2010 when Notch called me on the phone and was like "Hey bby, I gots a new game 4 u 2 try." How long have you been playing on PickAxis? I started playing on PickAxis from Day 1! Do you really need glasses or are you trying hard to look nerdy, cause bby I just wanna dose eyez. I need some kind of vision correction. When I play Minecraft I stare too hard at the screen and my contacts dry out. I much prefer to wear my glasses when Minecrafting. Are you single? Hell yeah! Can we go on a date? / Can I be your boyfriend? Are you 18+? Yes, pls. Can I stream with you? / Can I be in a YouTube video with you? Sure! Help me come up with some streaming/video ideas and you'll be first in line to work with me. Ask me more questions in this forum post and your question may be added to my FAQ section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    So this is what those maps look like without shaders
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    You people are insane.
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