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  1. No jinx, the game you respond cannot have the last letter of the previous word. So your Fate ends with an e so my game cannot have an e in it. Diablo so the next person to post cannot post a game with an o.
  2. Jinx, global offensive ends with an e, so Age of Empires is not a correct answer Digimon World
  3. Guys, no point arguing over this. Poutine was right in his rule (and it is more interesting) to only post a new riddle whenever the old one was finished, else people would not have a fair chance. So let us get back to the riddles and stop this useless argument. Also let us make a rule that when, 3 days after a possible solution has been posted the riddlemaker did not say whether the answer was correct or not, it is allowed to post a new riddle. That should stop endlessly waiting for inactive users. The riddle we were at is: What has 25 eyes but only 8 teeth?

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