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  1. Going on 3 weeks sick sucks. So little energy to get on, I'll try to pop on discord or in-game time to time. But I am pretty bad. Be back full time soon!

    1. SheTolerance

      SheTolerance Admin

      Take care of yourself bill, hope you feel better soon 

  2. You can't capture all mobs (they just have to be added), but if you punch a mob with an egg, it will turn it into a spawnegg after charging a small fee.
  3. Bill


    Welcome @Seansbar. We have a good amount of players here that are bit over the age of the avg Minecraft player, so I am sure you'll fit right in.
  4. Always add it to the current plugin to capture mobs via eggs.
  5. I could see this being a cool voting perk actually. That way you could save some exp to store in-case you die, or want to give some to a friend.
  6. Sucks I was out of town for this. Looks like it was a ton of fun. Hopefully next time!
  7. ... I have no comment to this as that just took it too far.
  8. It's just because Ben is jelly of my good looks.
  9. Husker, or Nick might be able to get you that list. But the top command only goes to ten if I am correct.
  10. Hey, welcome to the Pickaxis forums!

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