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  1. Build World X - Y - Z - Plains/Yes,No 4000 - () - 24/37/100 - No Plains Biome 4000 - () - -24/-37/-100 - No Plains Biome -4000 - () - 24/37/100 - No Plains Biome -4000 - () - -24/-37/-100 - No Plains Biome 24/37/100 - () - 4000 - No Plains Biome -24/-37/-100 - () - 4000 - No Plains Biome 24/37/100 - () - -4000 - No Plains Biome -24/-37/-100 - () - -4000 - No Plains Biome Mining World 4000 - () - 24/37/100 - No Plains Biome 4000 - () - -24/-37/-100 - No Plains Biome -4000 - (24) - 24/37/100- Plains, No Treasure -4000 - () - 24/-37/-100 - No Plains Biome 24/37/100 - () - 4000 - Plains, Unfit Coordinates -24/-37/-100 - () - 4000 - No Plains Biome 24/37/100 - () - -4000- No Plains Biome -24/-37/-100 - () - -4000- No Plains Biome Guess I have to wait for Third Clue
  2. Brobe40

    The Beginning!

    Basically I have some projects started/planned, and with the community farm that I have been mining out, which still has alot to do, it allows anyone in the survival server to be able to come get any crop they need, replant and be happy
  3. Brobe40

    The Beginning!

    Hello Guys and Girls of the Pickaxis world, it is me again, yes I know me again..... Well I would like to let you all know that the grand community farm has been started, but with such grand builds requires a little assistance Now what I ask of you all is that I can get some help mining this place out, I need help mining the interior as well as replacing the walls and roof This is just a starter project to what is coming to the survival, listed below are some of the many things I will bring to the Pickaxis, Survival community - Community Farm - Community Grinder (xp Timer, or Autokill) - - (And for Owner and Staff knowledge, designed to not cause any lag, NEVER. Unless Griefed) - New Town (Name - EOS) - New Headquarters (Will provide the towns shop as well as opening worker positions, this allows people to have jobs, like Farmer, so you will be maintaining the farms, huge job, Miner - You people will be spending most of your time in the Mining world, collecting ores etc that will be needed for the shop) as well as other position that will be coming with this build, payments will be issued, as well as a custom Uniform, how exciting, these will represent your role in the matter Excited?? I hope so! - And much much more!! So with all this to come, I still need help, I would like to thank every who has helped me so far, would not be able to do it without you guys, so if you are interested in helping please comment below, and ill arrange a time that you can have a location stored at my base so this job can me done! Thank you all and remember.... Just Keep Digging
  4. Hope to see you back online, will be nice to have some more players around
  5. As I have done in the Past I have designed and built a Community Center, this was designed to enable and help starter players and current players whenever they needed, the Name of the location depended on what I was into at the time, but this location provided with, Every Single crop and Tree (Harvest-able but requires replanting) It also had a Community Grinder, had a automatic kill system with a XP timer, basically prevents lag on the server (How I designed it to be) But also allows an easy way for player to gain xp and crops, it also had a start of a community shop that was designed to sell every (Survival) item that is obtainable at a fair cost, Any further information about this please speak to me, if you can not get in contact with me please request shadowpyrolily to pull me online, I have planned for this such location to be built once again, but I will need support from players and Staff for such a grand location to be brought to life once again, I thank everyone for helping so far, your help is highly appreciated, I hope this plan comes into action very soon! Goodluck! and just keep digging!
  6. As the title says I am progressing quite well. Thought to give some of you an update on how I am going seeing I have not been on Pickaxis for a while, which I am deeply sorry for. This is due to me having school which with being the final year, I have to get Formal, Assessment and Exams finished. Today was my mathematics exam, which was an open book exam which to my surprise I never used my book, not even once. The exam itself I was so confident with I swear if I don't get at least a A- for it I will just try harder I guess. But no everything is going well and thought to let ya's know. Hope to see you all soon Brobe
  7. I am determined to be a better person, I long time dream to be staff, and hopefully I can show I am a worthy person of such a thing, congratulations to everyone who has become staff and hope to work with you in the future to come. I will be a new person, I will prevail!!!!

    1. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      i hope you can too! Just make sure you get enough time in!

  8. Amazing work on the Video Husker, Job well done for you and Nick, Survival is going to be even more amazing
  9. Hey Guys so as some may be aware I have been working on a new Map for the server over the past few weeks, and is still under Development Here you can see the Process of the build that I have done and Will continue to add new Images for you all to see and be amazed xD Hope you all enjoy this build! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  10. Hey Clare Welcome with your new Account
  11. https://www.facebook.com/bailey.robertson.16
  12. Brobe40

    Brobe Here!

    Hey yeah sorry did not see this for a while, but I can always post some screenshots of my builds on here, I have not build much YET on Pickaxes

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