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  1. Hey all!

    I've started a twitch channel!!!!!! 

    (Crowd screaming and applauding in the background) Thank you, thank you. Yes, I too and insanely excited for this as well! No autographs please. Anywho, everyone is welcome to come and observe me dying all over the place repeatably in all the fabulous games I attempt to play!

    I welcome all fellow streamers and anyone who just wants to join me to attend! I stream much of our fabulous server often in hopes of summoning more players to our lovely server that is Pickaxis. Oh! And, as always, am willing to help whenever you need! Come hang with me and be sure to vote daily so we can get us some people units to come join us in the merriment that will usually be a complete and total massacre of myself and probably the teammates I accidently team kill.


    Love always



  2. Guess whos back?

    Back again!

    Uni's back!

    Go grab your gems

    Get you axe, loot some sacks, ride those tracks (oowayo-o-o-o oowayoo-o-o-o)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Uni
    3. rampage1779

      rampage1779 Mod

      damn uni, back at it again with them good picks

    4. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      ERMEGERD UNIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy late birthday buddy!! XD

  4. ~Hey all~ Uni here to once again find out what you guys need ^.^ My glitter gun is charged and ready to decorate the crap outta some madness XD So, if you have any issues you notice on the server or have questions PLEASE be polite and post it here. No crazy bologna stuff k? ^.^ I'd hate having to feed people to bears... or nick lol. Ok Peace! Love you all! Stay fabulous!! ~Uni
  5. Guess who's back? Back again! Uni's back!! Let's build again!!!

    1. Gsdcs

      Gsdcs Mod

      Welcome back, Uni! :D

    2. Uni

      Uni Admin

      Why Hello Gsd XD


    3. ninjabou
  6. Any boss battle is only as tough as you let it be.

    1. Bill

      Bill Admin

      Wise words, from a wise unicorn.

  7. Thank you ALLLLL for the shamazing posts!! I'm gunna get help choosing an amazing artsy picture for the winner! Visit back to see the winner posted!! The next Artsy Fartsy will be starting on the 10th of this month so start those new pieces!!! LUBS Uni
  8. Heyo! My darlings!! I hope you're all doing simply fuzzy today. SO I realized something...no one really gets on the website. This made me think "Why don't people (me too) not like getting on here?" Then I realized...It's kinda boring lol. SOOOOOOOOOO, I've deiced to have an amazing Art page where all you amazing people can post doodles of any kind (Keep it tasteful, no nudies) and have them judged and win you goodies! I will be hosting a monthly art contest starting on September 1st 2015! So let's get out there an doodle some doodles!!! I can't wait to see all the art! Post here or a link with the flash of the photos! Be sure each one is signed by you. Also, I can't stress enough, KEEP IT CLEAN! If i find it offensive Ill remove it and you'll be expelled from the contest forever more ^.^ So lets avoid that k? Okie Dokie! Have fun and see you round Pickaxis town! Lubs you -Uni-
  9. Buenos Nachos! Good to meet ya and see ya back in action! Get a cape and we can superhero all over everyone together!
  10. The only reason I'm fluffy is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality!

  11. I also occasionally wear other peoples meat on my head as well. I mostly enjoy the wings of small frail computer nerds. Takes less time to...dispose...of the remains.
  12. So that one guy...interesting...

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    2. ninjabou
    3. Bill

      Bill Admin

      this guy, or that guy, or the guy over there?

    4. vertigolf

      vertigolf Mod

      i know you are talking about me ;)

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