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  1. Heyyyyy Its LSJ! I'm here to say that I am Indeed Back in action! Just took a half-year break there
  2. horses are donkeys in disguise. Mantis Shrimp
  3. If this were Facebook for Minecraft, what would your status be? my status: currently waiting for this topic to be reviewed by a mod or admin. Hi there mod or admin or owner! Just post your comments in the section below, and I'll choose a post of the month every month!
  4. We Shall see what happens in the Arena tonight...
  5. Erm... I would be willing to help with the testing if I can. If you guys are fine with it, I mean.
  6. I'm sorry for all that has happened between M_J and me. I have been going through some tough times, and I decided to exert myanger/sadness into messing with M_J and all of you guys. I am truley sorry for all I have done. I may return, I may not. M_J, I am sorry for all I have done. Bye.

  7. I'm back baby! Two weeks since I have been gone!

    1. Mighty_Jak


      Are you going to buy me that profile picture? If you don't....

    2. Dansors

      Dansors Guide

      "If you don't...." Finnish the incomplete sentence ?

  8. 11 posts on a topic that started 8 hrs ago...

  9. I Let People mock Luckystratjacket Untill I Met a very powerful group. Information was passed un- Noticed by anyone else. True, People can be very powerful. this group Is hidden in the shadows. I am a member of this group.
  10. lewl u think. *installs invincibility hack* letz gewww!!!

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