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  1. Hey guys Don't tell but I added a bunch of new emotes to our forums. Use them while they last! I guarantee some of them will end up "missing" soon. Many of these emotes will look familiar to a lot of you. Below is a list of them. To use them simply put the word next to the emote in between colons, like this: :cat: PickAxis OhMyDog creeper Kreygasm Nick husker PJSalt PogChamp steve riPepperonis flash SMOrc SwiftRage VaultBoy WutFace BibleThump BloodTrail BrainSlug BrokeBack CoolCat duDudu FailFish HeyGuys KAPOW Kappa KappaClaus KappaPride KappaRoss Keepo MingLee ph34r MrDestructoid NotLikeThis
  2. Thanks for your thoughts. Here are my responses to you: 1) Thank you! I think our staff are exceptional, as well. I enjoy playing with each of them. 2) We've done a lot of tweaking for McMMO levels. We made it harder to level up because when we first set a level cap, the majority of players were all capped out within a week or two. If this continues to be an issue, bring it up again in a few weeks and perhaps we can take another look at it. 3) Most login and leave messages are pretty annoying, at least in my opinion. Ask around and if this is something a lot of you would like, we can revisit this in the future too. I do really want death messages. I'll bring this up with @NickG365 4) I like this too, even though it keeps some people from posting initially. I think it's a good solution to keep trolls and crap out of the forums. 5) Swearing is ok, in moderation, as long as it's not bothering players and is not disrespectful. This is not a G-rated server, but definitely not an R-rated server. Keep it fun. Edit 1: The dead horses are from the 1.9 update and the horsemen who spawn. I think people just aren't killing the horses after they kill the horsemen. Edit 2: You can use /auc info to learn the same thing. Unfortunately, I don't think the auction plugin currently allows for the hovering option. Edit 3: I'll talk to Nick about this.
  3. Congrats! This was a fun contest to judge! I loved all the entries and I laughed so hard at C_rex's.
  4. :ph34r: I don't know what this emoticon is....a ninja? My screen is too small. Maybe my eyes are too old.

  5. Welcome! Glad you're hanging around. I am horrible with a bow and arrow, so many props to you!
  6. I need a day off to just play games.

    1. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      Same, but then I need a day off from playing games to do nothing.

  7. Whenever I start a new home, the first thing I work on is the storage room.  I can't handle chests filled with random items.

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    2. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      Husker, embrace entropy 

    3. Miss_Val

      Miss_Val Mod

      Samme, but im going crazy because my vaults

    4. Sullear

      Sullear Mod

      I get carried away sometimes and make HUGE epic sized warehouses....even made an automated self sorting one lol.


  8. Popcorn makes the best dinners.

    1. m00s3


      hella agreed!

    2. South


      YA it does btw 

  9. Hi huskah :)

  10. Wow!  It's almost the weekend!

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    2. ninjabou
    3. Miss_Val

      Miss_Val Mod

      Wow! Its almost Tuesday ... maybe it needs to be.. FRIDAY!

    4. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      now it's WEDNESDAY.

  11. How did I post an update with nothing there???

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    2. ZTolerance

      ZTolerance Admin

      because you are the great Husker, you don't need words

    3. NickG365

      NickG365 Owner

      I guess it stripped your wubby-dubby emoticons from the sidebar feed.  ^_^

    4. Miss_Val

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