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Do not post content that contains any of the following. If you fail to follow these simple guidelines, you will receive a warning, severity to be determined by the moderator issuing the warning. Upon receiving a warning, your posts may need to be approved by a moderator for a period of time after the warning or your forum account may be suspended if the severity of the offense warrants it.

If you see any posts that contain any of the following, please report them to a moderator using the link at the top of the offending post.

Posts containing the following may result in a warning or ban:

Flaming and Trolling
  • Directly insulting another member
  • Prejudiced or hateful content
  • Attempting provoke negative responses from other members
  • Excessive profanity
  • Unnecessary anger or rage
Non-Constructive Posts
  • Multiple consecutive posts (please edit your post if you need to add more to it)
  • Posts that do not contribute to the topic or PickAxis community
  • Non-English posts
Prohibited Content
  • Grotesque or violent content (permanent post moderation or ban)
  • Inappropriate content (permanent ban)
  • Online gambling or casino-related websites
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, or related items
  • Distributing, linking to, or uploading malware (permanent ban)
Solicitation / Advertising (permanent ban)
  • Linking to a competing site in a post, signature, private message, or profile
  • Solely soliciting or advertising products or service for sale from any company or individual on the forums
Disregarding Warnings
  • Not abiding to requests/warnings from staff

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