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  1. Hey guys, Congratulations to all those that have entered the build contest and good luck with the results. I have looked around and they are all fab! Due to the popularity of them, we hope to run more build contests in the future and would really like your input on what themes you would like in the future. So drop down your ideas below and we will add them to the list @Demoneyes2013your awesome idea is already on the list, thank you
  2. "Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality" C.S.Lewis

  3. Also if your build has any interactions, routes, tasks that could be missed please leave a sign at the entrance to your plot. Judges don't want to miss any special element that you have in your build. Good luck guys
  4. Upon my arrival at my new project on the survival server I heard a whimper, I turned around to find, sat right in the middle, this little fellow. Sadly he has been given no name by his abandoning parent. He wears only a worn out blue collar. His sadness fills the area with gloom. Despite his owner's negligence, I am unable to find the dog a loving new home as he refuses to stand for me, he shall only stand for his real parent. I do have my suspicions as to who is behind such neglect. There is only one person I have shown this area too, Mr C-Rex, who i believe also goes by the name @Yzrnxkn. If anyone sees this person please could they inundate him with demands to rescue poor "Donald" before he takes a swim for it. Kind Regards SheTolerance.
  5. Hey Code_bomb! At the moment there is no specific times for activity on the server and we do go through quiet times. I don't think there is a specific reason why it is quiet at the moment, it has been pretty busy the past couple of weeks with new players joining. I know a lot of players only want to play when others are on, so don't log on when they see small numbers, which doesn't work out so good! When we are busy we tend to get more and more joining. Stick with us - we might be a small community atm but we are a friendly bunch! I look forward to seeing your town
  6. "I don't actually like fish" says Mickey, "I am a hippy and therefore am a vegan, i only eat dust"
  7. Yes, when you open the game the first page that pops up is the launcher. on this at the bottom left there is a button that i says edit profile. click this and there will be a drop down menu which allows you to change the version. Pickaxis is running on the latest (1.11.2).
  8. hey, welcome! 1. Yes, you need to have the original Minecraft to play 2. When you load the game you have the option of singleplayer and multiplayer. click multiplayer then "add server" then on server address type play.pickaxis.com and click "done". Then click on the pickaxis server and click join server. 3. You can find some space and build, all chests are protected. For added protection you can join/create a town. https://help.mojang.com/customer/en/portal/articles/429052-how-do-i-play-multiplayer- this might help with server questions. Hope to see you soon Clare
  9. On Christmas day @NickG365 gave us all a treat, no not an impersonation of The Flash singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman (though I think we would all like to witness that!) He updated the Pickaxis server to 1.11.2! There are many new exciting items, mobs and exploring to be had so I thought I would write up a bit of a guide for you all, in case you missed some of the updates (I have learnt a few things researching this!) Shulker boxes 1.11 answered two things... What Shulkers are actually for and when will I be able to carry more items? The Shulkers, added in 1.9, now drop Shulker shells. Place 2 of these with a chest in a crafting table and it produces a shulker box, a chest that can be broken and replaced without losing it's inventory. When in an inventory they display their contents when hovered over with. These boxes can also be coloured using dyes. The Woodland Mansion! This places looks epic! A mansion filled with rooms and new mobs (which I will get to) These are a rare spawn, found by luck or trading for a map from the new villager, the cartographer. I'm not going to list all the rooms and loot you can get from these buildings, if you're interested take a look here. Obviously when found and explored on the survival world the mansion will never regenerate, so bare this in mind if you destroy one. Obviously any found in the mining world will be reset monthly. New Mobs There a various new mobs that have been introduced in this update: Illagers - there are two types of illagers, which can both be found in the woodland mansion. The Evoker attacks by summonding Vex - some small flying creatures that will damage the player. When killed, the Evoker will drop a totem of undying, this, when held by a player, will save them from death once, when used it will disappear. The Evoker will not respawn once killed. The Vindicator will attack a player with an axe, and if renamed to Johnny will kill animals - making a great mob farm! Cartographer As mentioned above, there is a new white coat villager. These offer two types of maps as trades. One to help find the woodland mansion and another to help find ocean monuments. llamas We have a new animal! The Llamas are very cute! They have an inventory and will carry your items for you. You can create a chain of them, a caravan, by attaching one to a lead, up to 10 more will follow. You can also decorate them with different coloured carpet. Observer Block This is a new redstone block that will emit a signal once a block next to it has been updated. Curses The curse of binding prevents the removal of the cursed item until death. Armour will stick to you! The curse of vanishing will cause the item to disappear upon death. It will be lost forever! Elevators The update has removed the ability to move players and mobs around via pistons, however they have re-introduced the use of glass elevators! We haven't just updated the 1.11, but are currently running on 1.11.2 which also added some smaller, but new features to the game: When using the Elytra, you can give yourself a boost with rockets. Place an iron ingot into a crafting grid and it will produce 9 iron nuggests, as with gold, 9 of these will make an ingot. If you smelt a golden or and iron sword in a furnace, it will produce ingots. There is also a new enchantment called sweeping edge, this can be added to swords to increase sweeping damage. And finally, the infinity enchantment can no longer be used with Mending. If you already have a bow with both enchantments on then keep it safe as it will not be able to be made again! I hope I covered everything here and hope to see you guys on the server soon for some exploring Clare
  10. I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish every member of the pickaxis family a very happy Christmas! I hope you get lots of gifts, but also remember Christmas isn't just about getting stuff. Spare a thought this Christmas for those that are not so fortunate. Thank you to @NickG365 for his incredible hard work on the server throughout the year. Thank you to @pyrolily for keeping me sane. Thank you to @ZTolerance for all your support. Stay safe everyone! Clare x p.s The last box on my advent calendar is now unlocked!
  11. Hey Guys, Today is the 1st December, the first windows will be getting opened of advent calendars and early morning chocolate consumed! ZTolerance and myself have put on our Christmas clothes, put up the tree and have some gifts in the form of an advent calendar. Dotted around Excelsior there are 24 boxes, all containing some treats. We will unlock one per day, the first person to find and open the box will receive its contents, simple as that! The boxes are all located in the shop area, on the ships and in between (you will not find any on any of the surrounding plots) Good luck! SheTol and ZTol Notes: do /t spawn excelsior to get there (it is free) Boxes will be unlocked in the morning, UK time. message me or ZTolerance if there are any problems
  12. This is such a great project! I never just build a random house, so found this such a relaxing change. Thanks @TypicallyUntypical
  13. Yes, it's that time of the year again, Halloween is back! To celebrate this spooktacular time of the year, we'll be holding a Drop Party on the Survival server. Due to Halloween falling on the Monday this year, we will hold it the day before, on Sunday! Don't forget to tell your friends to come along and join in on the fun! This event has ended. See you next time!

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