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  1. I gotta brand zach, and that big smile that takes up half of his face
  2. If we are doing branding, can we have fire aspect on that iron? ;D
  3. Nupe. Haz no math, but assuming this server grows, it'd go through exponential growth, because joining rates are inconsistent, if not stable.
  4. I probably have been pretty inactive in the community, but I definitely like the idea. My only concern is some people are not the best builders, or use creative as kind of a testing world, meaning that they might stay in the trial world. And with the mention of WoK (because I'm a huge fan of Keralis and is a major inspiration to me), can we get a plot styled creative and an actual Minecraft generated terrain build world? I think that would really add a whole new depth to the creative server. +1 to Poke's idea
  5. It isn't my strong point plus, i think i would've hardcored that build, but no time due to school :/

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