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  1. insert excited screeching here
  2. With Camp NaNoWriMo approaching swiftly, (cough, 9 days, cough) I was curious if any of my dear fellow PickAxis-ians are secretly intensive writers as well? Even if you aren't participating this April in the camp, do you write in November for the big 50k rush? If there are, would you like to have some writing encouragements, peptalks, and/or challenges posted here for all your writing needs?
  3. m00s3


    Come back soooooooon!!!
  4. @NickG365 @HuskerGirl Perhaps some build contest ideas? @JasonPrimate @r4ans0m I like the idea of a rpg style dungeon contest going on! Perhaps even allow in level runs like Mirror or Assassin's Creed Puzzle or other elements like that? Even after just having the Video Game Build Contest, I think this is a neat idea. I'm a huge fan of doing things that are difficult runs and quick trap elements. A dungeon contest is the perfect way to promote agility, dexterity, and gaming elements into a creative building project. Dystopia v.s. Utopia came to mind as well when I was drawing the first concept graphs for the hanging gardens as well. Classic Nerdphillia builds would work as well -- Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Tron, Ghostbusters, Matrix, Stargate, 300, V for Vendetta, Hellboy, Wargames, Alien. The like of that? Perhaps a Pixel Art challenge? Also, real world replicas are always neat. In every version I've tried to do, I've often become frustrated with screwing up one little piece and only realizing it at the end lol. Square footage is obnoxious.
  5. m00s3


    Hello from Survival! Welcome to the PickAxis threads! You can lock chests in survival with a /lock and punching it
  6. Hey guys, IntenseMoose here. As the completion of my rather large castle in Elchmein comes to conclusion, I'm seeking to design another new huge design. And yes, in Survival. A few ideas that have currently come to mind are Hanging Gardens, Sith Temple, Assassin's Creed//Parkour Course, The Dark Tower (Stephen King), or a freelance idea with sculptured dragons fighting that may double as, yet another, castle. Throw some new ideas in the comments or pick your favorites!
  7. No, but it is an instrument!
  8. It was after the 21st hole... I realized I may have picked the wrong direction...
  9. Just my kind of build right here <3
  10. Gwaaah! Crazy! Thank you so much guys ? I'm glad you enjoyed my build so much for it to be first! Is there also a way for me to see the ratings on it from the judges? I want to know what I need to improve on and what wasn't liked as well ? And yes it was! The Milano was a gorgeous and perfect piece to pick!
  11. IntenseMoose is back! Good golly, the surprise I had when I saw that GameOn was gone and even more surprise to find that it moved communities! I doubt anyone remembers me, really, but it's good to be back regardless! Now then... about building that castle...~ <w<

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