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  1. Stop messing with the intricate and complex nature of interdimensional travel Nick and these issues wouldn't happen!
  2. Invite your friends and have them invite their friends! Tell them all about the server and hopefully the player base will grow
  3. Team Valor, level 20. Either dragonair, kabuto, jynx, or magmar.
  4. creepliss, this post is from december.....
  5. Why do you hate to reawaken this thread? it is awesome, also it isn't that dead there were posts not long before you posted
  6. None that I know of. I know it was pretty popular right after it was added but I think it just started to decrease in popularity and as Nick said they are currently working on fixing that.
  7. *Penguin noises* Hi, nice to meet you. If you need anything feel free to ask *Waddles away*
  8. Dang it reiz you caused it to be off a number
  9. I agree with what Nick and Clare have said about players abusing it or players not wanting to be involved. You may say that people won't, but people will, or measures can be taken but it is always a greater inconvenience to those that do don't want it at all. A lot of people have been saying that they want more of a survival or real minecraft experience and then those same people suggest putting plugins into hardcore to protect stuff, which is fine and definitely a possibility but does not make sense to me. A normal real survival multiplayer experience would be no plugins and the idea of having plugins kind of goes against one of the main arguments for a more real and dangerous experience. Additionally, I do understand that a pvp arena is not the same kind of experience so maybe, after more discussion, a faction server could be added, however 'teams' and protected area is kind of not what normal vanilla survival multiplayer is. Cy11's suggestion for pvptoggle is something that does sound reasonable however and could possible be some kind of middle ground that could be implemented.

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