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  1. I'm not dead; school is just draining my life day by day

  2. I got a haircut, and I absolutely love it, and I just laugh when people say I now look like a boy. Who cares!? I love my hair!~
  3. Summer is so boring so far ;-;

    1. ScribNyan


      Ikr? I live where there's a BUNCH of wasps around, plus the heat is extremely bad. I have a huge fear of wasps so I never go outside. The only fun thing I did so far was go to a zoo in another state.

  4. School is over on Tuesday.... can't wait to get back to writing and gaming :3

    1. Miku
    2. ninjabou
    3. Seagull195


      Yes, Ninja, I write in my free time stories and whatnot. If you wish to see a link to one of the many stories i've posted, please contact me via private message. :)

  5. Been refraining from posting videos, as I don't know if it's counted as spam if I post one everyday. ._." Been addicted to watching Steven Universe as of late, and I love this song <3
  6. I'm finally in a relationship~ First time ever >//w//<

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    2. Mighty_Jak


      I'm never going to find love....

    3. Korexas
    4. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Right, Miku. Me too! It's the best possible plan!

  7. I've been conflicted about saying this here, as there may be some people against this... but, I'm bi, and I came out to my mother. So, the person I was talking about in my previous mood was one of my good girl friends. :)

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Regardless of their gender, sorry to see you lose such a good person in your life. Glad there are still ways you can keep in touch.

  8. (Don't know if I did this one yet, but have the next one if I did) (Been addicted to FNF for awhile, so I found this, and it was AMAZING)
  9. One of my best friends is moving away this summer... and I really liked them... I thought we were gonna be a thing....

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    2. Miku

      Miku Forum Mod

      Chase him seagull.

    3. Mighty_Jak


      Tell him how you feel!

      Like i did...

    4. Seagull195


      They know how I feel, and we're gonna try to get together before they leave. But, kindly refrain from using 'him' and use 'them'... ^-^"

  10. Me and my friend might get together... <3

    1. Miku

      Miku Forum Mod

      Aww, my little loli is growing up ;w; Goodluck ;)

    2. Mighty_Jak


      I have a crush on one of my friend's at school...she has a bf tough...

  11. Got an increase of my medicine... missed 2 days of school so far because of it.

    1. Mighty_Jak


      I hope you feel better!

    2. the_madster_101


      Get better soon :c

  12. Death Parade.... my new favorite anime <3

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