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  1. Crap! I caught the sick!

    1. Miss_Val


      I hope it wasn't me who passed it to you :/

    2. Wrena


      I know how you feel.

  2. He means the ability to send a message and every player across every server will see it. I agree, servers are at their best when all players are able to speak to one another no matter where they are. That's what gives a server community and unity
  3. I'd love to help with the new lobby! ( or building anything in general )
  4. I'm not sure... COMRADE!
  5. We already have Axis in the name so we might as well go all out
  6. If you see an exact copy of me running around Hardcore blowing stuff up, it's not me

  7. The sun in my face, the wind in my hair, the blood in my nails!

  8. RIP paradise island of donators
  9. We should get a newsletter!

    1. HuskerGirl


      YOU should write it :)

    2. David Mitchell (Astro)

      David Mitchell (Astro)

      I'd be game. If I use Tinyletter.com, could I use the Pickaxis Twitter as the login? Could you PM me the creds?

    3. HuskerGirl


      Not quite sure we want to spam email inboxes with newsletters just yet. Let's talk about what we can do.

  10. Post your tumblrs here so we can all follow each other! Mine: ninefourseven.tumblr.com
  11. If you havent read Octopus Pie you clearly ARE WASTING MONEY ON INTERNET

    1. HuskerGirl


      What is money? What is the internet?

  12. Parks and Recreation is ending in but four days!

  13. PARTY! Haven't seen you in forevs man. Used up years of pent up jokes in that post. Good to have you back
  14. Right on! Look forward to seeing you more often online!

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