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  1. woot! Glidecam!

  2. Oooah. Ehm. I get it now. Assassin's Creed
  3. 8 more mondays till summer break still seems like a long time

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      It's not bad. It will be summer before you know it. :)

    2. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      is not that short for me! i still have a way to go.

    3. turtle90


      I got 2 weeks left. I would of been off last week if I hadn't changed curriculums.

  4. hmmm I'm confused. So, none of the first letters of the words can be the same as the last and first letters of the ones before? In Fire Emblem, there e's and Counterstrike ends with 'e'? Fate
  5. Congrats to the winners!

  6. Congrats everyone! I know I saw alot of amazing builds out there!
  7. Welp, may have broken my thumb today..

  8. Sounds like a coolzio idea to me. Might upload some building vids. Can anyone recommend good recording software?
  9. Am I the only one, frantically working on my build, wishing for more days?
  10. Texas be hot

  11. Still don't see why builds can't be offensive. Only being able to build defensivly really limits the imagination.
  12. Next contest? Steampunk could be a cool theme.

  13. Gonna play some league tomorra' if anyone wants to join [silverIV]

  14. Uh oh, love interest means one of em' is gonna die(or almost die). Is there a main opponent they're fighting? Or just generic monsters?

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