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  1. The hope of getting an apartment and being able to live with my wife once more! So... hope was what made my holiday special. ^.^
  2. I've made a town on the survival server called Light Spire. I also made a tour video to show what my town provides to the residents therein. However I did forget to mention that the town will eventually have a under water transit system to get around faster! Also may have beacons in the four corners to provide more speed boost coverage but that's not set in stone. I do apologize for the videos poor quality, I was experiencing some lag due to rain and to many chickens lose in town. The game lag was not as bad as the video shows. The following link is to my tour video https://youtu.be/_yJUojXx72M
  3. adensem

    Doors not safe!

    Simply put doors can't be locked, or rather, door variants can't be locked! The default oak doors lock but the variants do not. I hope this gets fixed as soon as possible I really don't want to use the same door on every enterance to my home/ other buildings
  4. Due to my very busy schedule my live stream has to go on hiatis until July! As far as a normal schedule goes. I might be able to live stream here and there but I won't be able to keep my schedule due to me having to move, and on the 1st of July helping a friend move in. With all that said I hope to have a better set up once I'm moved. For the few that know I litlerally use a tiny dresser, two monitors and the corner of a bedroom as my streaming area. XD not the best but works right! So just a heads up live streaming will not be gone forever just for a bit.
  5. adensem

    Hi There!

    Welcome to it. If you're ever on survival(not hardcore) I'll see ya around
  6. What I'm getting at with the admin shop, and honestly the game in general is that levels of diffaculty have to be recognized. If things are made too easy people will get bored and leave, to hard and the same thing will happen. The entire thing is a balancing act. Personally I say those who want an extremely diffacult survival should use the hardcore survival while the others use the normal survival for a, though still challenging, less vannila and more customized experience. That way everyone has a part of the server to call their own. I actually didn't know what commands were and were not offered so that towny link really helps out! ^.^ I'm curious about the abilities myself I thought I just wasn't high enough of a level to use them I really hope those come on they make the game so much less of a grind. I know some people enjoy grinding for things, but to me it's the worst part of a game. I like the feeling of progression and if I have to grind for days to make any since of progression it's doesn't feel worth it. Again a balancing act to be sure.
  7. I just said the roll back as an example I didn't mean I am for it, just some sort of "this town isn't active anymore, kind of thing." I agree roll back would be messed up just because your mayor had to leave or something for a few months or whatever. I like the thought of reactivating it though. Oh actually that's a good idea now that I read it. Have a message pop up "town of ____" status: ABANDONED still fairly new to the server so I didn't even know about the town warp command. XD what you said about number 6 is exactly what I was saying. So agreed XD Already found the black market and been in it, though even if you find it it's so hard to get in the door without a 2nd person's help... Which kind of defeats the purpose of keeping it secret. I actually had to have help getting in the first time I found it. I totally agree about waiting to advertise I was just tossing out ideas for the future was all. I didn't mean this needs to be done right now! Or anything like that. . I posted this to try and help in any way I can and bring things to the attention, if they weren't already brought up, of Husker and admins. Even in beta this server is oceans better than the majority of quick cash in servers I've been seeing. I will be making my own project to try and plug the server on my twitch channel and even make videos and what not of the town I plan to build just to try and help out you guys Honestly an extreme ordeal would be mining the 160000 blocks of dirt, minus a few hundread that will be cobble stone, to fill in the town's land mass.
  8. To: HuskerGirl 1. admin shop prices- Personally I like the idea of towns costing 7.5k. My primary concern was the players themselves, I work in a warehouse, they process a lot of minecraft stuff, shirts toys card board boxes painted to look like a creeper head. Wish I was making that one up... One of the shirts had the same character, your default character, but said miner, fisher, farmer etc... What I'm getting at is divide the players roles up and make an item from each school of playstyle the same cost at the admin shop for the player to make money. That way if I want to be a farmer and melons cost... 50 per stack, just an example, make something of equal value and effort for a miner or fisherman the same price. Thus opening up the options for the players to play whatever role they want and still feel like they are advancing within the servers economy. I'm not saying make everything the same price though! That would be very bad for obvious reasons. Simply put, pick a cash crop for each play style. Honestly I would make mining a bit more since it's not a renewable resource like farming or fishing. I wouldn't just settle for one item being a "cash crop" because than you get massive towers of farming and auto farms and they're ugly and annoying to move through if you're exploring. 2. Town cost- screw lowering it put upkeep on it! You want your town to stay a town, better keep paying it's upkeep. This gives the player an eternal goal to shoot for. If the upkeep isn't met admin might come and "reposes" it(remove it from the landscape making way for new towns or even rolling back the area to pre town) Of course this can't be to high otherwise many wouldn't find it worth the effort and time, which is the current issue between town cost and admin shop prices. 3. additions to admin shop- Also make everything, and I mean everything for sell by admins. Every kind of block, spawners, various brewing ingredients you name it. If it's in the game sell it! One thing that I saw a server do, only one to do it thus far too, was sell enchantments. If you went to this shop sign with an enchantable item in hand and clicked on the sign it would put the enchantment on the item. Not saying it would make or break the server but something to consider Also those enchantments were crazy expensive but you knew what you were getting thus the benefit. Others preferred to buy bottles of exp and chance it since that was a cheaper route. Those, like myself, who want to build a town, but can't really farm for obsidian or cobble or <insert block name here> buying them from the admin shop would really cut out the grind of strip minning. Especially if you want/plan to use obsidian for anything. Also none of this has to be cheap! In fact the more veriety you add to the shop the more likely people will start coming up with differen goals. Some might want that really expensive enchantment to help them survive, others might want to buy spawners and start their own PvE arena(one of my personal wants) Some may want to build that town and start bringing the community together(again a want of mine and something I'm working on.) 4. Make a big deal about it- youtube vids, twitch streams anything visual will catch peoples attention. Maybe do a video series or just one video really, about what your server offers, and not just the various game modes but specifics. Such as "we offer MCMMO, admin shops that sell everything, make it sound like a used car salesmen as a joke might go well too. Tell them how interactive the admins are and friendly the enviroment is. I can't tell you how much I raged because a server "said" they had this or that and when I got on they didn't have and never planned to get it. Be it MCMMO or survival server. Not that I think any of you would, but make sure you're honest with your ads. 5. Explain yourself!- One of the biggest issues is explaining the various attributes of the server. When I go into a new server I have to ask a mod and up what is and isn't in the server. I hate doing this with a passion because this could have been avoided with a small bit of text saying what a server has. For example Hardcore survival is vannila MC so when I highlight it in the compass list why not put that in the text box that it's vannila or in normal survival that it has MCMMO, admin shops, etc... just a quick list can go a long way to showing you want to keep you're new players in the know and your admins working on more important things than "Yes we have that adensem... No we don't have that..." Which I could see getting tiresome answering the same questions over and over for new players. To: Sullear 6. I think someone was just yanking my chain with the voting= money thing. I kind of see a fatal flaw with the whole time spent online thing. People will go afk and just do other things. You'll have a population that does nothing. "But Adensem they get kicked if they're afk!" True if they don't move while afk, however I've put a book or something else with weight to it on a button to have my character not get booted from a game before and I'm sure that'd happen, especially if that is the primary way to make money. 7. Challenges- Maybe I'm doing something wrong but the challenges don't seem to work for me. I did one and now I can't seem to do anymore. I think I'm just doing something wrong though XD they're fun and a nice distraction, but I don't feel that it's enough. I mean so far in survival you have two goals, finish challenges and make a town. And one seems very dependent on the other making it so there really is only one goal and one way to reach that goal. To: NickG365 8. Player shops- I saw a plugin that allowed people to open player shops just by typing /shop <player name> and it opened a inventory of a small chest that was filled with items that player was selling. Also a player could do /find <item name> to locate the cheapest of that item being sold and by whom. This might've been a plugin that was programmed for that specific server, If that is not an option then I say make player shops easier to find... Make a player shop area similar to the admin shop area or, and in my opinion a better option, make a room with TP signs for towns. A town can pay extra money to have a TP sign in spawn! Giving the town more exposure and showing off their town and in turn their town's player shops! I apologize for the long winded reply but I wanted to reply to everyone at once. I hope I answered everyone's inquiries adequately and I hope my insight was helpful to all of you.
  9. Really sorry how long winded it is. Sumerized version without the reasoning behind it. 1. Admin shop needs to buy/sell and give decent pricing between key items. 2. Low population needs to be addressed 3. gaining money on the server needs to be done with something other than voting. Might scare gamers off otherwise.
  10. Before I go into this I want to say I love this server, even in beta this is more amazing than the past 20 servers I've played on! They all claimed to have this or that and either didn't or had a neutered version of it. This server is similar to one I played on years ago, gone now, and my best memories of the game were there, and now here. What I am going to say won't just be complaints but ways I think to improve those areas as well. I ask that you don't take anything I say as a complaint but a point to bring to the attention of those who may, or may not, want to do something about them. 1. Poor Economy- Now anyone whose taken basic courses on the mathmatics behind economic growth will tell you that economies, wether real or fictional, is a balancing act. If the cost of services is to high people will look elsewhere for set service(jump to another server), to low and you flood the market(server becomes boring because its too easy to get everything!). This can also be said for Minecraft and the flooded market of servers(so many servers to compete with!). In Pickaxis case the economy is set to inhibit the trade of tradesmen. For example Player A- loves to farm, but hates to mine(I know ironic since it is MINEcraft but stay with me here.) Player B- loves to mine but is running low on food and hates going through the farming deal. Now one could argue that they could trade directly, but than you run the risk of one of the two players ripping off the other and causing a rift in the player bases, poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer situation. This is remedied via admin shop which would set a standard for prices both buying and selling. A thrifty player will not use the admin shop but look for players selling under the buy price of the admin shop and vice versa for the buying process. I also noticed that the admin shop didn't have a "buy" option just "sell" again this inhibits those who may want to pay the extra for convenience. The admin shop was also very limited in what they bought from the player, including the black market, If I want to sell off excess cobble stone or sand or anything other than crops and mob drops I really can't. If I want to buy obsidian to make a castle made out of it, again I really can't. Of course the arguement of "Just go out and mine it for yourself." Has come up time and time again, however lets look at the bigger picture. Saying that means that I am just playing vanilla Minecraft, which isn't bad if that's what you like, however that is not what I think is awesome about pickaxis. Plus vannila MC anyone can make, but it takes real dedication and skill to make a thriving admin shop, player base, and server in general! Also are you really going to limit the player in a game that boasts that you can do anything? Now lets flip that argument to "This is survival not creation!" Which is a counter point I'm sure would come up. I'm not talking about giving everything away for free(creation mode) I'm only suggesting that the admin shop focus on facilitating an environment where the farmer can more easily build his home by buying, at a fair price, from the miner or if no miner is online have the admin shop provide the service en lieu In the end money doesn't have any value since the admin shop doesn't have anything to buy really, I know some things can be bought via admin/BM but for the most part nothing of great value to a player. Towns cost is so high that I don't see many wanting to grind for so long to make a town that, honestly, nobody will live in due to low server population. Which segways into my next point... That is my suggestion for the admin shop P.S. please make the black market easier to get too. I found it but it's a pain to run in before the door closes 2. Low population- I was on for a week checking in off and on and saw, at most, eight people online! I assume this is a new server, considering I'm new to it I don't know how old the server is, seeing how low the population seems to be in every part of the server and not just the survival part. I honestly feel only time will fix the low population time and effort to advertise the server on the various server sites as well as votes etc... I will be live streaming on it to try and counteract the low population issue myself, but I'm not very popular on twitch yet. Possibly offering boss mobs(just larger stronger versions of normal mobs would do) or stuff such as treasure hunt(type /hunt and a message that says how far you are from a treasure, once at 0 spaces you dig directly down to get to the treasure.) and advertising these things. Also updating to the most current version of the game, if you haven't already, might help or hurt. Honestly I've seen players swear by earlier versions and vice versa on that aspect. I could see the admin shop causing people to see it and leave, those that prefer a more vanila experience wouldn't mind it or might find it as an afront to their elitist eyes, I don't know. 3. Bribing for votes- This is a minor point, and every server does it, but I asked "what's the best way to make money on the survival server?" The response I got was somewhat distasteful. "The best way to make money is to vote for the server." So vote or grind the day away... This ties into point two about low population. I know this wasn't meant to, but it wouldn't be hard for a player to see this as a form of bribery or black mail. Vote for us or else you don't get to enjoy the game! Vote for us and we'll pay you! A player, once they realize it's the only way to make decent money will see this think this and then leave, possibly. Or they may embrace it and vote like mad. I know I enjoy the server enough to vote for it. I only see a few changes that, in my eye, need to be made for this to be near perfect. Every server rewards the voters, but the point is almost every server has an alternative to making money aside from voting. That is the aspect that may put off players. I know that all three points Really seem to drive the first one in, but I honestly feel that the admin shop is the biggest point that needs to be addressed. Again I'm not saying make everything free, or even very easy to get, but balance it out and I think the pieces will fall into place for the rest. I know my very first stop in any server is the admin shop, if it is bad or doesn't exist I leave, if it's good I give the rest of the server a chance. I, and again I can't stress this enough this is my opinion, I feel that the admin shop is mediocre right now with the possibility of being amazing. I'd love to see how this server grows and changes over time. I enjoy talking with everyone and hope that my input was somewhat insightful. See everyone in game
  11. Crap I forgot to plug the live stream XD I typed the intro in a rush because I was getting ready for a live stream, ironically. Here is the link to it. http://www.twitch.tv/c_anthony_mayhorn Also art for it is done by http://derivedjam.deviantart.com/ http://mommashy.deviantart.com/ Two links but it's the same artist Also the offline image (Broken Console Logo) was done by a guest artist that helped us out awhile back and not the current artist, which I linked. The headers on the page were all me though
  12. Yes. I am not a PvP player by no means but to me a survival player, part of surviving is not just the enviroment but surviving your fellow man. Will they help you? Or will they lead you behind the shed? It's part of the expierence. Also having arenas would be nice also. Just designated areas that peps can PvP and know full well what they're getting into on top of the world PvP.
  13. I'm 30, male, married, all around gamer, and work in a warehouse. Also I live stream and plan to live stream this server. Funny thing is this server was recommended to me from someone on another server after we got to talking for awhile. I explained that I can't seem to find a server that has this and that and the person pointed me to here. So I hopped on and was shocked to see a survival server that actually challenges you to survive! I'm not angry about it but I did facepalm at the fact that so many "survival" servers didn't have mobs, what was I suppose to survive? Boredom? Anyways That's the extent of my intro.

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