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  1. Wonders what 'our flash' thinks of the flash on netflix? ^.^

    1. NickG365

      NickG365 Owner

      I watched the first season or two of the CW's Flash, but I haven't been keeping up lately!  That's precisely where the skin (and subsequent avatar) came from!

    2. vertigolf
  2. Team Articuno (mystic) as always, level 6. Still wishing that they would have made the game more awesome <- yes it has a lot unexploited potential
  3. S.C.H.O.O.L. - Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives

  4. @NickG365 it is 100, placing 2 goldblock results in a gain of 3 island levels. I have tested this many times. Otherwise the per block things are off by a factor of 10
  5. @ZTolerance i would replace the 1.8 packs with a 1.9 and 1.10 pack i guess. (Although idk if there is an ETA on 1.10 cuz mojang released it within like 5 snapshots)
  6. Dear judges and players interested in this quest, For this build contest i have created a small quest. This quest requires some information, which is posted below. Story: Long long long ago, there was a furious creature. It was called the wither. With all its power it seeded destruction fear and despair. It loved the sound of golden trinkets. One day a few brave knights decided to trap the creature in a tomb so far below that i could never get out. Do you dare to slay the creature and grab all its treasures? Start location: (x,y,z) = (3,66,-39) Reset instruction The map is only playable once after this it has to be reset. The following instruction is to reset the map: Push the button on (x,y,z) = (58,5,-52) Push the button on (x,y,z) = (50,59,-46) Replace the wither and the cracked stone brick door Remove the keys and place them back in their chests (key 1 in the wither room, key 2 ontop of the end rods) Replace the gravel on the key door (2x2x2) block of gravel Replace the loot in the chests Other notes: The Wither cannot be spawned in the room because withers are turned off in the buildcontest server. The witches in the parkour part despawn, place an egg on the underside of the glowstone of every cage. This map is best played in gamemode survival with mob spawning on (for some extra hardness) Enjoy! Kind Regards, Vertigolf
  7. I Did MCPlaying_Goalie

  8. ill throw some in just remind me
  9. So my Furnace refused to work. It looked alot like the same bug that has hit hoppers. Can it be related? Maybe there is something wrong with the inventory event or something like that ps after breaking it it worked again.
  10. Well while TheHeroesDuty and I were having some fun on survival we made a sacrifice before the altar of the goddess ThatBritishGurl. Your challenge is to post simillar sacrifices to gods and godesses. Make sure that it is as unique or/and crazy as possible. May the gods be ever in your favour!
  11. This is how the old roman and greek made offers: http://imgur.com/aO8NNo8

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