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  1. Worked 9 days in a row, and now they aren't giving me any hours e.e

    1. Pinball7wiz
    2. Miku

      Miku Forum Mod

      Probably because you worked 9 days in a row.

    3. GurlyGurl



  2. I'm 20, and hae absolutely no idea what I want out of life, other than the vague aspects of being successful and being loved. Tbh, it sucks not having either.

    1. Blackops1902


      Hey your life is good in that you have a job.

  3. My days have come down to work, reading, walking, and sleeping. I've never been more productive in my life. It's funny, with everything considered lol

    1. PickAxis1


      Sounds like you're having fun :P

  4. Ugh, having a day off sucks, tbh. Gonna see if I can start working everyday. Life is becoming stressful, so don't be surprised if I detach :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PickAxis1
    3. Rocky


      Temtia plis ;-;

    4. TemtiaStardust

      TemtiaStardust Revered

      D: I just go through little "phases" where I need me time. All I've been doing is reading and working, so hopefully I'll come out of it soon. I miss staring at little lightbulbs all day.

  5. Rereading a book I read 6 years ago. Too embarassed to say which, especially since I still find it to be a decent book...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      Don't be ashamed of what you read. :D

    3. SCNickNamer

      SCNickNamer Builder

      What you read is whatever builds your personality so being embarrassed about what you read is close to being embarrassed about a certain part of your personality.

    4. TemtiaStardust

      TemtiaStardust Revered

      No, Miku. And Nick, I'm embarrassed about nearly every part of my personality.

  6. That profile picture terrifies me and intrigues me all at the same time.

  7. I slept like, 7 or 8 hours today. This is just amazing ;-;

    1. Fokemaster


      Twice as long as i get XP

  8. ...we made a train. With blackops and swagg. lol
  9. Sick, and I just found out a childhood friend died yesterday. Today should be fun...

    1. Dansors

      Dansors Guide

      Wow, that sucks, RIP for you're childhood friend.

    2. Seagull195


      Yeah, I feel bad... I hope they died peacefully, and I hope she rests in peace.

    3. TemtiaStardust
  10. Gotta work in the morning, not gonna sleep though. yay x3

    1. Miku

      Miku Forum Mod


      Youd better sleep

    2. TemtiaStardust

      TemtiaStardust Revered

      I got two hours. Dead tired. Gonna sleep more after work.

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