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  1. Bans Dan blows everyone up. Builds a death wall around the hill so no one can enter. It can not be destroyed by anything. My hill.
  2. In the future we will talk about possible ranks for different servers. For now, nothing is going to happen. Please keep in mind that we will always go to the community to see what they want for some things. Ranks may not be the thing, but you still will have participation in what is being added/voted upon.
  3. This is something that may be useful in the future. This may or may not be implemented. There also may be something like this on the way. Locking thread.
  4. Scar


    Hullo again.
  5. UHC is a good idea. However, i don't think it's necessary at the moment. Server is only in Alpha so once we get more people and everything is up and running the way it is supposed to be, this is definitely a good suggestion. Just not right now.
  6. Building PVP arena in survival. GG

  7. I'm so FANCY! You already know!

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    2. GurlyGurl
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      You still need to sing that for me and Dan :D

    4. Dansors

      Dansors Guide

      Still waiting... YOU PROMISED. Maybe.. Maybe not. Idc sing 2meh pl0x

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