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  1. I'm up for it \o/ but i'd prefer something a little less casual than arms race
  2. Picture is a little outdated, I have a Hyper TX3 and another stick of ram now. Specs: FX-6300 MSI 970A G43 8GB-1600 Ram R9-270 Corsair 200r WD Blue 1TB
  3. Conspiracy thread is over here https://pickaxis.com/topic/443-conspiracy-theory-game/
  4. When you die with no money you get -5$ and you can't purcahse any of the free items
  5. If I understand correctly: World 1 is the current plot world we have right now with the addition of plot judging for the second world. World 2 is a defualt world type (not flat or plots) that gives access to everyone but only those approved can place blocks and access to creative and W/E. World 3 is a showcase world for contest winners and other neat builds. If I understand SCNick correctly than I believe his idea is the most optimal solution. Regular Joe's who want to make a neighborhood with their friend -> World 1. People serious about building and wanting to collaborate with others -> World 2. Collaboration in creative servers is mostly gone. It's hard to find a creative server that dosn't take the easy route and use plots. I just want to thank the staff team for their willingness to make PickAxis a truly different kind of server.
  6. One if you are <120 lbs otherwise take two http://i.imgur.com/s06Fv2u.png

    1. TheGhostRacer


      Wrong dosage! I need the 400mg dose.

  7. I would think that the sg plugin would have a lobby system built in, but we're doing a lot of in-house plugins here at pickaxis so I don't know for sure.
  8. So far all the maps are being made by the build team and it more than likely it's going to stay that way (:
  9. To add to that, lucky joined almost two months after the announcement with the new images. It's all very fishy but we don't have any concrete proof
  10. Did a little investigating myself and wasn't very pleased with what I found... Here's an imgur album containing what I saw To summarize: Lucky took a bunch of images from another server and passed them off as his own. Not cool dood ): EDIT: Lucky says these images were made by him and because I cannot prove otherwise my argument is invalid.

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