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  1. don't worry im not dead...

    highschool soccer just finished, we won our league, and districts, lost in regional semis but ended up being 9 ranked highschool team in ohio. not bad for having 16 juniors on our team. :)


    hopefully I'll have more time for some good ole minecraft!

  2. Oh my.. Tomorrow is 2 years for me. I know I've been inactive lately. But 2 years! O.o

    1. SheTolerance


      Welcome Back Zach!

  3. I offer my unicorn
  4. Hi! I'm not completely dead ;)

    1. Miss_Val




    2. HuskerGirl
  5. I prefer just having links cause the icons are glitchy sometimes for me, don't know about you guys but here they are! Link 1 2 3 4 5
  6. pst dont look at mine its embarrassing atm
  7. tried to donate for the obby rank on skyblock forgot im a minor so paypal dont let me use it -.-

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    2. pyrolily
    3. Bill


      You should be able to use checkout with credit card and not make/use a paypal acct.

    4. Bill
  8. my head kills i think im having withdrawal symptoms from not being on mc for like a billion years

  9. Peoples I am so sorry for not getting on a lot at the moment, I have been very busy with start of school and mid season soccer. Also my dad is going to add more ram to my laptop so I don't have it rn. Again I'm sorry it's been a while D;

    1. ninjabou


      my school started on the 11th

    2. benpenguin2


      Mine started yesterday (the 27th)

    3. benpenguin2


      ^posted that at 12:01 am

  10. Cool to see so many replies!! Hope you guys have/had amazing birthdays!
  11. UNI how do you do your wizardry, it never lets me post with color or fonts! D;
  12. Oh boy excluded is alot better then executed I read wrong the first time! xD

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