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  1. to shave/trim the beard or to not, can't decide. Would probably look better if I trimmed it down but I like having it long ;-;

  2. well this is the time i came up with http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20150523T1930&p0=1109&fg2=b3b3b3&msg=Pickaxis:GO+
  3. How many people can make May 8th 4:00 PM EDT?
  4. Guess who's Obby in a 3rd server! this guy! I'm now obby in SkyBlock, Creative and Survival :D BE PROUD OF ME

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    2. minemanZZ


      wait whats the point of obby on creative? xD


      NEKOMENACE2 Guide

      lots and lots of plots

    4. collinsohn

      collinsohn Admin

      Wait u got me Obby? Thanks dude XD

  5. Congrats to the winners!

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    2. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      god husk, stop being so inapropro, this is a child friendly server

    3. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      I said not to take that in a perverted way!!!! :P

    4. KingPoutine

      KingPoutine Revered

      so dissapointed in you husker, get your mins out of the gutter

  6. Ok well since theres 2 of you we can make this a 5v5, but I think that's as high as teams go so literally can't take anymore people XD still need to figure out a time
  7. Ok so we have enough for a 4v4. No more entries please because we now need to figure out a time and day. what days and times work for you guys?
  8. So now im Obby in Skyblock AND Creative

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      I need to give you a hug.

    2. KingPoutine

      KingPoutine Revered

      I welcome all hugs with open arms...get it? =3

    3. benpenguin2
  9. So far we have a bout 6 people, we could do a 3v3 if everyone is down
  10. Basically I want to have a pickaxis CS:GO war, wheres its 5v5(maybe more, maybe less) in arms race. If you wanna participate then reply here, when we have enough people we'll set up times that work for everyone

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