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  1. Imgur link here. You can make your own wallpaper here. They have all kinds of cute wallpapers you can put any character in with just their character name.
  2. I would say either $2 for 1 token or even $1 for 1 token. I think it should be used by those with an excessive amount of tokens that don't have any other use for them. Like I wouldn't use my tokens for cash because I have less than 1000... But it would be a nice thing to have for those who have tokens to spare.
  3. I would like to be able to purchase additional Towny plots. Additional homes would be nice too. And though this probably won't pass... Permanent fly for 10,000 tokens! I would totally save up my tokens for that. XD
  4. My town assistants and I are working on big plans for our town. Gamers Cafe will be a modern style town so we are going to need a lot of quartz and other light colored blocks. Visit "/t spawn Gamers_Cafe" to sell us your blocks! For now we are buying all of your: Quartz Blocks ($0.2 each) Diorite Blocks ($0.1 each) We are also hiring workers to help build our roads! There are going to be quite a bit of roads. Over 50 planned chunks. So we can use all the help we can get. $25 per chunk built. If you think you can handle building something like this, please send me a mail in game! Let's get this economy rollin'. ;D
  5. When will the new contest be announced? I'm looking to participate whatever it may be. Sounds exciting!
  6. Lol I didn't know about it until a certain person who shall not be named showed me... >.> But then again, I was only on the server for maybe two weeks at that time. And yes! Please make slightly easier to get in!! I always get stuck between them and have to TP out. Lol!! I've resorted to using one of my /homes. XD
  7. Are there any regular players on the Hardcore server currently?
  8. I don't know a thing about the coding but I'm sure with enough of it, anything could be possible. PvP during Monster Hunt during a certain planned week sounds like a fun time! Fork said there should be some plugins that allow each player to toggle PvP on or off for themselves. I think this is what he is talking about. Read the features on there! I think it would be perfect to use for this server! But if that is used, I personally would like either a list of those participating or a list of those not. Just so I don't go sprinting after someone, hit them on the head with my sword, and be like "Oh. Sup?" XD But again, I don't know how the coding works or how much effort our coder would be willing to put forth to make it possibly happen. It is not a necessity either though. I think it would be pretty funny actually. Lol! With this plugin I think it would be possible to keep PvP enabled all the time or only during Purge hours. But that isn't for me to decide. Just putting my opinion out there. I would love to hear others. But I'll stress my feeling about the Hardcore server again... I don't like the fact that you can grief... If Towny and other plugins were put it, awesome! I just like to keep my stuff safe without worry. I could care less about the stuff I am caring. I know better than to go out in PvP with all my perfectly enchanted mining gear but that is what outposts are for! EDIT: Maybe we should get some of the current Hardcore players in on this forum post. XD That goes for the regular server as well. If PvP would be enabled all the time, (if I owned my own town) I would make sure to purchase outposts in the Mining world where I can mine without worry of PvP. Towns could easily purchase outposts in the Mining world for their residents to mine in. The best part about it, it comes with a warp command to instantly take you there! Then the mining world also resets every month but the outposts should stay right where they are, so each town can continue to mine in their own little place. I'm sure there would be a fight over the Extreme Hills biomes though. XD
  9. So just some ideas... Maybe PvP could only be available at certain times or in certain worlds. Such as only in the Nether, End, and/or Mining worlds. Or maybe only during one week of the month and call it the Purge. Towns would still be safe zones. With the Purge idea you could even keep score of how many kills a player got and award a small prize at the end of the week. Although there would be the chance of people exploiting that with friends so it should only be a small prize. A couple diamonds or a little bit of cash? I'll keep throwing out ideas as I think of them. Hopefully one of them will catch some interest.
  10. I too would like to see a bit more PvP. I'll use a server I used to play on as an example. On that server, players were protected in towns that had PvP turned off. Once you stepped outside of a non-PvP chunk, you were fair game. Items dropped and the player who killed you could make off with your things. I don't think this peaceful server could ever be like that server. However like others mentioned, if items were not to drop on a PvP death, it wouldn't be so bad. (You could probably make it purchasable with Tokens.) Camping should obviously be against the rules. But in my opinion PvP outside of non-PvP towns wouldn't be too much for this server to handle. I don't think the current players would go out and kill each other all the time. It would just be a nice option to have. Correct me if I am wrong, but from what I understand about the Hardcore server there aren't any rules really... Not having Towny is a major concern of mine and is why I refuse to play on the Hardcore server. It's just the two survival servers are like night and day. Two extremes. One being really peaceful and the other very hostile. I'd like to see a happy medium. I want to be able to keep my stuff safe while feeling a little on edge when I leave the safety of my town. Joining a town on this server is extremely easy with how friendly everyone is so I don't see any issues with anyone keeping themselves and their items safe. Plus the auto-lock chests and the non-griefing rule. Players can keep themselves safe by locking themselves up in their homes with a locked door that isn't even a part of a town. But again, even if PvP is enabled I don't see it becoming a huge issue with all the friendly players.

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