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  1. I love the mob arena thing.. But how did you get certain mobs to spawn in certain places? U A WIZARD BRUH??
  2. I was gonna suggest what Husker said when I was reading it, but then I scrolled down and realised Husker already said it :3
  3. I'm still missing 10 tokens (from a few days ago), But.... I did get the full 50 this time (thumbsup).... Could you please give me my 10 tokens please -King
  4. When I voted yesterday I only got 40 of my 50 tokens I should have got. I told @Husker on Skype and she said to wait a few hours because PMC is delayed. I waited and I just remembered about it (today).. I checked my tokens and I still am missing 10 tokens. If you could give them me then it would be great -King.
  5. Baby your cave is soo dark, can I put my torch inside it? AHAHHAHA omg.
  6. dayum, just cleaned up my screen and made a folder with all the stuff in... added the background (go pickaxis!).... then vala'... SEXYNESS
  7. Could you earn ranks by like making LOADS of great maps and great server ideas and doing them (like what PortalBlockz did with kitpvp).... I think it would be useful as some people cannot donate for specific reasons, and making maps etc is just as helpful as a donation to the server.
  8. I got an idea... There should be a different kitpvp type thing where when you have armor/sword and you kill 10 people, it ranks up your sword with a random enchantment or adds a level of enchantment if you already have it. Obviously if you already have fire ii it would choose a different enchantment and not rankup to fire iii. So if you got 10 kills and you had regular iron armor and sword it would put a random enchantment on all the armor (only 1 level though, like protection I fire prot I proj prot I etc). and the swords would go from sharp 1--> sharp 2---> sharp 2 fire 1--> sharp 2 fire 1 knockback 1 --> sharp 3 fire1 kb1 etc etc........ you get the point.
  9. When I buy a set of armor, it doesn't appear in my inventory straight away.. I have to close my inv and wait about 10 seconds then it appears in my inv... Is this a bug or is this meant to happen, King.
  10. KingOfLols


    I'mma be owning kitpvp..... I'mma play it everyday
  11. Kitpvp master himself #KingOfLols Btw if you didn't realise from the hash tag my ingame name is: KingOfLols WHITELIST MEH PLZ

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