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  1. Granted, but then you have a hangover. I wish I wasn't out of wishes.
  2. Granted, but it causes so many viruses, that your computer has to rest in peace, and you haven't enough money to pay for a new one, or a used one. I wish I had a better life.
  3. Granted, but you are hospitalized for severe food poisoning. I wish I didn't have chills all the time.
  4. TheGhostRacer


    *Just came here to read the comments*
  5. Corvettes cost about $65,000 so you'd have an excess of $145,000 left. If I had $1mil, I'd buy me a Lotus 2-Eleven ($70,000), a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen(< $340,000), a Ferrari 458 ($240,000), a SRT Viper T/A (< $125,000), and go about my business. There are literally billions of cars that range from $13,500 to $2,500,000 (all late model range). This is why people need to be specific.
  6. I like this song because it's catchy when I'm racing in my Ferrari in Forza Horizon (Yes, I know, the game plays ACTUAL music. Madeon is a real artist. Google him. I will put more songs from Horizon if requested.)
  7. You morph into your favourite character, but you can't morph back and you are brainwashed and killed to death I wish people WOULD USE CORRECT GRAMMAR.

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