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  1. I feel like a winner.
  2. Considering that you can get $50 from winning a monster hunt which is really easy with the lack of people who compete for monster hunts through out the day. 1 to 1 ratio is more then fair to compensate the players who benefit the server by voting.
  3. uhh.. 50 tokens = 100 tokens.. sounds like dupes to me lol Also to make it so that it's more of a challenge for the tokens. We can set up the same system as is with coins where you can't get the next token perk until you unlocked the one before that.
  4. Vovik


    This looks pretty cool. Should be a rank feature tho. For diamond rank or emerald.
  5. Additional homes for tokens Buy bonus town plots for tokens Buy fly for a day for more tokens
  6. How about Iron gets like 1 bonus plot for doing /kit and obsidian gets like 5 bonus plots to his her town or what ever amount.
  7. Altough it is a bit outdated and some blocks will appear in default quality even though i don't notice. R3DCraft is my absolute favorite. It's like the default texture pack, but in HD http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1241290-r3d-craft-default-realism-smooth-realism-v0-2-3 P.S. Don't get the smooth realism. Default is better.
  8. Any idea what the challenge for the next one is?
  9. Can't wait for the next contest. No benpenguins allowed (he's too good)
  10. You seemed like you were pretty cool in-game. Keep on keeping on dude.
  11. Sullear lets be friends man. I do want anything in between us. We can start over buddy :)

    1. Sullear

      Sullear Mod

      Modding the forums and being friends...two different things...lol

  12. I just wanted to start a new thread so that anyone who wants can suggest their way of how PvP should be implemented into the survival server. Minecraft goes thru a moon phase every night you can read more about the different moon phases here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Moon PvP should be enabled only during a new moon that is when the night is at it;s darkest and the most dangerous time adventure. This will give the moon a purpose in the game and this will allow PvP to only be on for a short period of time so it is not too disruptive for those that do not wish to pvp. On top of that towns that go to war can PvP only outside of their town plots which would be the only exclusion to the new moon rule. Each time a player is killed by another town's member that person obtains their xp personally as well as for the town tally. At the end of the war period which ever town accumulated the most xp wins the war and get's a reward (extra plots possibly). On the other hand if some towns wish to stay neutral and avoid the wars they can do so and not be bothered. Ultimately this will bring a whole new exciting aspect to the server and as you said you Nick you don't want this to be a regular survival server. Let's at least try it out. This will keep the peace for those players that wish to remain peaceful except on the one day when there is a new moon comes and the darkness befalls all of minecraft. And for those that want to pvp can have have fun with town wars and enjoy this new war aspect of the game. Let me know in the comments below what you guys think of this idea or if you have any other cool ways to introduce PvP.
  13. Use this banner if you support the pvp campaign.

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