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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to r4ans0m in Been a long time....   
    Hey guys!!!
    Wow.... almost six months since I've been on. I am almost having withdrawal symptoms.....
    Anyone know about this 'teamspeak' thing? Or is that only for staff? I'd kinda like to chat again.
    how is everyone doing?
    it has been a long time...... Hope everyone is still doing well....
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to Yzrnxkn in ABC Conversation Game   
    Don't you know that a fishy fishy that wore a red dickie is only found is Mississippi?
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to HOOOSK Owner in Shhhh   
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to HOOOSK Owner in Shhhh   
    Hey guys
    Don't tell  but I added a bunch of new emotes to our forums.  Use them while they last!  I guarantee some of them will end up "missing" soon.  
    Many of these emotes will look familiar to a lot of you. Below is a list of them. To use them simply put the word next to the emote in between colons, like this:  :cat:
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to SheTolerance Admin in The Drop Party   

    My Fellow Pickaxians, 
    The time has come for us to celebrate the independence of diamonds, cobble and zombie flesh, well drop them from above.
    There will be a weekend packed with events that will of course include our famous drop parties on both Skyblock and Survival, we know how much you love them!
    The times and dates will be:
    Skyblock drop party - Saturday 2nd July - 10pm (BST)  5pm (ET) 3pm (MDT) 9am (NZST)
    Survival Drop Party - Sunday 3rd July - 10pm (BST) 5pm (ET) 3pm (MDT) 9am (NZST)
    Other times for games and events will be announced shortly.
    Now for your job:
    We need donations. The more we have the longer the party will be! The more stackable items the longer the party will be. 
    With your help we can make this the best drop party ever! 
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to Demoneyes2013 in :D   
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to Cy11andra in Made a cute staff picture. Check it out!   
    Imgur link here. You can make your own wallpaper here. They have all kinds of cute wallpapers you can put any character in with just their character name.

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    Meg1626 Mod got a reaction from Demoneyes2013 in Dirt Build Contest Winners!   
    Congrats to all the winners!
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to Snowball731 Mod in SHHHHHHH!!!!!   
    Black Market like the Troll Market in Hellboy?
    I haven't seen it
    I'm not sure this exists......
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to NickG365 Owner in SHHHHHHH!!!!!   
    I have no idea what you're talking about.  There is no "black market."
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to benpenguin2 Revered in SHHHHHHH!!!!!   
    I don't know what you are talking about....
    What is this "black market" you speak of...
    never heard of it...
    don't ask me again....
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to SimpleSerpent in My first few days playing.   
    Hello everyone,
    I'm making this post to offer a few suggestions, and feedback, as well as refreshing you guys on how a new player might think of your server.
    The first thing I noticed when I logged on was how awesome the community is. I had a warm welcome from the players, and the two staff that were online immediately jumped in to answer questions and give me assistance. 
    For a new player, this server is very easy to understand. With the staff's help I was able to easily figure out exactly what made this server special, and how to do everything I need to do to get the max amount of fun out of it.
    Here are some things I've noticed over my first few days:
    1. The staff is awesome! From what I've seen so far, the staff all seem to be very mature, competent, and helpful. I've talked to a few of the staff and ever interaction was friendly and professional.
    2. It seems to take a loooooong time to level up Mcmmo levels. Every other Mcmmo server that I've been on has made leveling up extremely faster and easier. Now, this may not be a bad thing, but it might dissuade some players who don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time leveling up a basic stat.
    3. There is no Death, login, or leaving the server messages. I can see how people might consider this stuff spam, but I think that players would like to see when their friends join or leave, and when people die. It just adds that small but of flair to it. Your server is also the first one I've seen, other than the huge mini-games servers, that have these turned off.
    4. I LOVE that to post on the forums, you need authorization from a staff member. Way too often, I have seen forums destroyed by spammers and bots, and this is the perfect way to stop that.
    5. Although I have not seen many instances of this, I have noticed staff calling out players for using minor swear words. I know that children play this game, but I believe that swearing should be allowing in moderation, as long as it is not racist, sexist, or otherwise demeaning towards any group. This, of course, falls to the staff to decide what kind of server they would like this to be, but I believe you will have a small increase of older and more mature players is swearing is allowed.
    Edit: Also, what is up with all the dead horses EVERYWHERE?
    Edit Edit: I was on a server previously where when an enchanted book/item was put up for auction, putting your curser over the name of the item gave you the enchant that was on it. It would be nice if that was implemented.
    Edit Edit Edit: You should also synchronize the day/nigh cycles on the mining world, so people can still compete in the monster hunt evenly when in that world.
    Thank you for reading, and I look forward to what you guys think!
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to HOOOSK Owner in My first few days playing.   
    Thanks for your thoughts.  Here are my responses to you:
    1) Thank you!  I think our staff are exceptional, as well.  I enjoy playing with each of them.
    2) We've done a lot of tweaking for McMMO levels.  We made it harder to level up because when we first set a level cap, the majority of players were all capped out within a week or two.  If this continues to be an issue, bring it up again in a few weeks and perhaps we can take another look at it.
    3) Most login and leave messages are pretty annoying, at least in my opinion.  Ask around and if this is something a lot of you would like, we can revisit this in the future too. I do really want death messages.  I'll bring this up with @NickG365
    4) I like this too, even though it keeps some people from posting initially.  I think it's a good solution to keep trolls and crap out of the forums.
    5) Swearing is ok, in moderation, as long as it's not bothering players and is not disrespectful. This is not a G-rated server, but definitely not an R-rated server.  Keep it fun.
    Edit 1: The dead horses are from the 1.9 update and the horsemen who spawn.  I think people just aren't killing the horses after they kill the horsemen.
    Edit 2: You can use /auc info to learn the same thing.  Unfortunately, I don't think the auction plugin currently allows for the hovering option.
    Edit 3: I'll talk to Nick about this.
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    Meg1626 Mod got a reaction from HOOOSK Owner in Dirt Build Contest Winners!   
    Congrats to all the winners!
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to NickG365 Owner in Dirt Build Contest Winners!   
    After showering off all of that dirt, the judges have finally chosen winners for the Dirt Build Contest!
    1st Place
    40 Coins 2nd Place
    30 Coins 3rd Place (Tie)
    20 Coins 3rd Place (Tie)
    20 Coins Honorable Mention
    Best Use of Redstone
    300 tokens Honorable Mention
    Best Dirt Blending
    300 tokens Honorable Mention
    Made Us LOL
    300 tokens  
    We had a hard time deciding who the winners would be for this contest, there were actually quite a few creative uses of dirt and fun builds, even beyond our winners and honorable mentions listed here. In addition to the prizes above, all participants who finalized their plots with /plot done will receive 100 tokens.
    Thanks to everyone who took part in finding new and interesting ways to use dirt and creating some cool builds for this contest!

    View full announcement
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to SimpleSerpent in Hellooooooo Pickaxis!   
    Hello everyone,
    I am SimpleSerpent, and I am happy to announce that I will be joining your server! Here's a little about myself: I have been playing MC since 2009, and have loved it from the moment I placed that first block. I am a friendly and helpful person, and once I get set up i'll be willing to help anyone out with their MC needs. In terms of PVP i'm sub-par due to me only using my trackpad on my laptop. (I am waaaaay too lazy to go out and buy a mouse). To make up for that I have mastered the art of MC archery, so if you engage me form afar you will not last long.    <----- I use that face waaaay too much by the way.    Lastly, I have been playing MC long enough to have learned all the commands to common plugins, so if you don't know why to type, ask away! (This includes staff, fyi, not that I think you'll need it, as you guys seem very competent from my short time on here).
    I look forward to playing with you all!
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to JasonPrimate in Join me on my Birthday!   
    I will be hosting a party on survival on the 14th of April for my 18th birthday.  I plan on hosting a drop party, but I am extremely poor. xD  Donations will be much appreciated by me and the others that will enjoy them being dropped.  I will also give everybody that shows up a yet-to-be-determined amount of plays on the brand new slot machine.  We will wing pretty much the rest of the part.   Bring presents if you want, but you are not required to.  Bringing yourself is good enough.   Hope to see tons of you there!  The party is on April 14 at 5:00pm EST time.  Again, hope to see you all there!
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to Miss_Val Mod in Voting Contest   
    HEY GUYS! Ender here. I have something that I feel needs to be said. So, while you are on the server, every now and then you see where players vote. If you don't already I would like you to as well. Voting comes with a lot of perks like things in /shop. In creative you can get things like world edit. On skyblock you can buy island warps and survival you can get things like /stack or /fly. These are all really cool things that are purchased with the tokens you earn from voting and you can get them too! At the beginning of every month the owners, Nick and Husker, post the top voters. If you are one of those people you can get coins to get things from /buy (pretty sure that's the command) with these you can purchase ranks that allow you to do special things like /back or own vaults that allow extra space. Along with that you get more tokens!
    Not only does voting benefit you, but it benefits the owners by moving us higher on the minecraft server lists. The higher we are, the more friends we have to join us who may purchase ranks of their own or vote. With this Nick and Husker can use the money they make to pay for not only the server but future additions such as , for say, Skygrid or Prison.
    To make PickAxis a better place, I want you guys to vote every day. Don't worry, I'll join too. All these things I mentioned, yall can have. Just vote daily for the amazing rewards. Bring your friends on to the server, remind them to vote. Tell people about PickAxis. Follow us on Twitter, create a forums account, participate in contests, help other players, and lastly be very active. Keep up to date with everything. Making PickAxis the best server it can be isn't just Nick, Husker, and the staff team's job. It's yours too, we need your help to do this, as a team.
    To make things even more fun I'm going to host a little game. If you bring friends on the server, tell them to tell me that (insert gamer tag here) invited you to PickAxis and I will give you a reward. Along with that, who ever votes the most in the months, January , February , March, April, and May, will receive a special present from myself on which ever sub-server you choose.
    How to get your present?
    I will mail you in the lobby, do /mail read to check.
    Thank yall! Happy voting!
    If you have any questions feel free to message me on Twitter, in game, pm on forums, or just simply post it here.
    If every one plays this game, I will continue to host it, even after May.
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to pyrolily Admin in skyblock drop party   
    So time again for drop party epic fun.
    Make sure to vote for the time that best suits you and lets make this another EPIC party, as always donations to the party are greatly appreciated by all so if you have spare stuff laying around please toss it in. 
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to pyrolily Admin in Fun with boats   
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to NickG365 Owner in Announcing the Dirt Build Contest!   
    The latest and greatest PickAxis build contest has arrived!  Get ready to build the most awe-inspiring and magnificent creation of your life... with tons of dirt!  That's right, it's the Dirt Build Contest!
    Now through the end of the day on April 7th, let your creativity run wild!  Just jump onto the build contest server (/server buildcontest), claim a plot (/plot auto), build something awesome, and submit it (/plot done) before building ends on April 7th!  We'll announce the winners a few days after that.
    Speaking of winners, check out the prizes for this contest:
    1st place
    40 Coins 2nd place
    30 Coins 3rd place
    20 Coins And of course, don't forget the bragging rights to having the awesomest* and most marvelous dirt creation!  Sometimes it's more fun to build as a team, so we've got you covered!  Teams can split the prize and glory!**
    So, let's talk rules.  Yeah, we've gotta.  I know, I know... I'll make this quick.  First, don't go off and build anything offensive!  I don't want to end up having to disqualify dirt-y builds.  Second, make sure that your build looks like it's made of at least 75% dirt.  This can be any kind of dirt, whatever your heart desires!  Be sure to submit your plot with /plot done when you're finished, so that we can find it for judging!  Oh, and we'll be judging based on creativity, originality, design, and adherence to the use-a-lot-of-dirt rule.
    So what are you waiting for?!  Get out there and build something awesome!
    * "Awesomest" isn't a real word, but if it were, that would be pretty awesome!  It's totally the kind of word we'd use to describe really cool things made of dirt.
    ** We're not sure how splitting glory works, but we've been assured it can be done without even needing any power tools (we typically use a saw to split the coin rewards).
    April Fools'! But hey, this is an actual contest, so get to building!

    View full announcement
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to pyrolily Admin in You guys get to pick my next skin   
    So i need a new skin and u guys and girls get to help my pic it, just gimme a link to the skin and in a week ill pick one at random .
    just make sure the skins are appropriate lol
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to SheTolerance Admin in Happy 1.9 day peeps   


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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to SheTolerance Admin in 1.9 Dragon   
    Hey guys I just wanted to give you some information about the way the dragon now works in 1.9 on the Pickaxis server.
    The dragon, in both survival and skyblock, will spawn as normal on the third Tuesday of every month when the worlds are reset. This dragon, as normal, is on a first come first kill basis. 
    We have had issues in the past where the dragon egg will not spawn, if this is the case please ask an admin who will check the logs and ensure you are given the egg. 
    1.9 has made it possible for the dragon to be respawned. To do this you need to craft  end crystals and place it on top of the exit portal. This dragon will drop less xp than the initial dragon and will NOT drop an egg and an admin will not give you one. 
    We did have a few initial problems with the generation of the dragon, I would like to thank you all for your patience in getting it up and running.
    As with anything new, there will be teething problems, please report an issues you have to staff or here on the forum.
    Finally I would like to give a massive shoutout and thanks to the legend that is  @NickG365 who has worked tirelessly to get the server updated for the Pickaxis family to enjoy, we all hope you enjoy the changes.
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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to SheTolerance Admin in 1.9 Questions   
    Hey guys, 
    So Minecraft 1.9 has arrived and will soon be available on Pickaxis. I have seen lots of players asking questions about the update and how it will be implemented on the the server. This is the place to ask! 
    If you have a question or a concern please ask below, together we can create a hub of 1.9 answers!

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