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  1. what is the Kronorium?

  2. I see you.... what u doing?

    1. Meg1626


      Stalker...  hating on AT&T right now, otherwise going to get a pizza. What you doing?   :D

  3. Black Market like the Troll Market in Hellboy? I haven't seen it I'm not sure this exists......
  4. Weird but true fact if a female Emperor Penguin's baby dies, she will often "kidnap" an unrelated chick—but rather than raise it as her own, she soon abandons the stolen chick. 0.o better watch them penguins....
  5. Omg the new zombie trailer is bae.....

  6. New black ops 3 zombies map April 19th.... super excited for that....

  7. Skygrid is a Parkour world, picture all your resources on block and you have to jump to get to them. Yes you will die alot.
  8. Nov 6 Black Ops 3 so excited

  9. We need a build contest and skygrid lets focus people...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Snowball731


      OMG please say its SKYGRID

    3. Snowball731


      I'll cancel all my appointments and family get togethers I dont even like them people anyway if its skygrid

    4. Miss_Val


      What snow said, This Saturday is one of my last ones open. PLEASE.

  10. Can't wait for the Minecraft Cape

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    2. ninjabou


      you know what elytra means? its the pseudo wings of an insect. take a lady bug for example. the shell part that lifts to reveal the wings? thats elytra. its ugly cause bugs are ugly.

    3. Snowball731


      bugs arent ugly

    4. Snowball731


      they are just different

  11. When is the next build contest???

    1. NickG365


      We've started planning one, but no word on a date for it yet.

  12. Play Clash of Clans or Call of Duty Advance Warfare is there really anything worth playing....
  13. Only adding Skygrid matters the most....
  14. Just curious what is everyone planning on building? we had a lot of time to think about ideas. I have a few I would like to see.... 1.Prison 2.Dragon 3.Spaceship 4.Dome 5.Volcano super excited
  15. So ready for Skygrid, I have so many ideas for my island and Black ops 3 beta Wednesday...

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