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  1. Hey guys!!! Wow.... almost six months since I've been on. I am almost having withdrawal symptoms..... Anyone know about this 'teamspeak' thing? Or is that only for staff? I'd kinda like to chat again. how is everyone doing? it has been a long time...... Hope everyone is still doing well....
  2. I am leaving for the summer, but I do not want my stuff lost...... is there a way that I can save it somehow?

    Do I give it to another player? or do I just put it in open chests? how do I save it?

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    2. r4ans0m


      what if I do not know when I will be back..... it could be either 2 months, a year or eight years

    3. NickG365

      NickG365 Owner

      At the moment, Towny will protect land that is inactive for approximately 6 months.  Unfortunately, there is no way for us to override this for specific towns.  It's hard to say in general the things that could be different on survival a year from now, as we continue working to improve things.

    4. r4ans0m
  3. I have often thought of this I think it would be awesome
  4. MY favorite by him is Mansion........ though I leave your favorite up to you
  5. Well..... I really like Eminem..... he has a lot of dirty music though.. if that is a problem.. and its rap..... I found this guy.. named Nate Feuerstein... stage name is NF............. he is more of an inspirational rapper....... but....... I really like Skrillex, starting to get into Bassnectar, a little Deadmou5, and Zomboy. I also like Daughtry. Those are a few that I like hope that helps
  6. r4ans0m


    LOL.. how about I show up and blast you all away with my awesome /hat command. That should nock all your socks off
  7. So.. what I don't understand is this, shh, "Black Market". SHHHH! if everyone knows about it why is it supposed to be so secretive? or is it more of joke? Like i said... I don't understand. oh.... and could you make it a little easier to get into? It is so freakin' hard.
  8. I feel obliged to put in my bit. I, for example, abhor the thought of pvp unless we are totally on equal ground, such as fist to fist, no weapons no armor. Other than that, I would kind of like the Idea of Pvp, as many of you mentioned, it would create more of a sense of "survival" part of the Survival. I have an Idea. What if the Hardcore Server was, as it is, entirely pvp; but also add things that Survival has such as mcMMO and such. I would, personally, like the idea of having certain "Teams". Once you join a team, members of your "Team" can't hurt you, and yet you can grief the other team and such. you could build towns and even cities that are secured. Now I could get into that
  9. I think that is sensible. We have enough as it is with the rank perks and all. Not to shoot you down or anything LettieT, I think that is was a good idea and all, but it would be almost pointless. You might as well be playing with 'cheats'. If you grasp what I am saying. On that note: I would think it would be wicked if we could get a new set of Diamond Armor everytime we died
  10. OOOOOOO..... I wonder what obsidian kits would be like? Fully enchanted diamond armor and set of tools plus 1 stack of every type of log and sapling.... then a stack of diamonds and some other odds and ends that would be awesome!!!! The only thing I see wrong with it would be the limit of times you can do it... like only three times.. that would make sense
  11. r4ans0m


    you can also place the chest and hopper and then do /unlock and punch the chest. Then do /lock and relic the chest. That works also.
  12. r4ans0m


    Ok... well this is now sold.... I have no way of knowing how to remove this off of here so if a staff sees this they can remove it if it pleases them Thanks once again LettieT I really appreciate it
  13. r4ans0m


    So..... what about in like 5 minutes? I live in Minnesota so.....
  14. r4ans0m


    If you will get 35 diamonds I will take that offer. It is as good as I will get.... and anything you want to throw in on top will just add to my willingness

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