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  1. Hello everyone, I'm making this post to offer a few suggestions, and feedback, as well as refreshing you guys on how a new player might think of your server. The first thing I noticed when I logged on was how awesome the community is. I had a warm welcome from the players, and the two staff that were online immediately jumped in to answer questions and give me assistance. For a new player, this server is very easy to understand. With the staff's help I was able to easily figure out exactly what made this server special, and how to do everything I need to do to get the max amount of fun out of it. Here are some things I've noticed over my first few days: 1. The staff is awesome! From what I've seen so far, the staff all seem to be very mature, competent, and helpful. I've talked to a few of the staff and ever interaction was friendly and professional. 2. It seems to take a loooooong time to level up Mcmmo levels. Every other Mcmmo server that I've been on has made leveling up extremely faster and easier. Now, this may not be a bad thing, but it might dissuade some players who don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time leveling up a basic stat. 3. There is no Death, login, or leaving the server messages. I can see how people might consider this stuff spam, but I think that players would like to see when their friends join or leave, and when people die. It just adds that small but of flair to it. Your server is also the first one I've seen, other than the huge mini-games servers, that have these turned off. 4. I LOVE that to post on the forums, you need authorization from a staff member. Way too often, I have seen forums destroyed by spammers and bots, and this is the perfect way to stop that. 5. Although I have not seen many instances of this, I have noticed staff calling out players for using minor swear words. I know that children play this game, but I believe that swearing should be allowing in moderation, as long as it is not racist, sexist, or otherwise demeaning towards any group. This, of course, falls to the staff to decide what kind of server they would like this to be, but I believe you will have a small increase of older and more mature players is swearing is allowed. Edit: Also, what is up with all the dead horses EVERYWHERE? Edit Edit: I was on a server previously where when an enchanted book/item was put up for auction, putting your curser over the name of the item gave you the enchant that was on it. It would be nice if that was implemented. Edit Edit Edit: You should also synchronize the day/nigh cycles on the mining world, so people can still compete in the monster hunt evenly when in that world. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to what you guys think! -SS
  2. Thanks! I can't wait to start meeting new people and having fun! And if I have any questions, I'll drop them your way.
  3. Hello everyone, I am SimpleSerpent, and I am happy to announce that I will be joining your server! Here's a little about myself: I have been playing MC since 2009, and have loved it from the moment I placed that first block. I am a friendly and helpful person, and once I get set up i'll be willing to help anyone out with their MC needs. In terms of PVP i'm sub-par due to me only using my trackpad on my laptop. (I am waaaaay too lazy to go out and buy a mouse). To make up for that I have mastered the art of MC archery, so if you engage me form afar you will not last long. <----- I use that face waaaay too much by the way. Lastly, I have been playing MC long enough to have learned all the commands to common plugins, so if you don't know why to type, ask away! (This includes staff, fyi, not that I think you'll need it, as you guys seem very competent from my short time on here). I look forward to playing with you all! -SS

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