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  1. 20 days later I finally see the post. You can just leave my stuff in an overly decorated chest hidden somewhere in the redstone of my slot machine. LOL Well done everyone. It was fun!
  2. Wait.....who is demon? LOL jk happy birthday!!!
  3. Dungeon contest please!!!!!!!!!
  4. To throw my own opinion in on this. I think you have a great thought going on Vovik. Survival is about building and surviving with people from all over. I think, instead of changing the whole survival experience, there should be some sort of a factions server created. Whether it be full on factions, or just a survival with pvp and griefing, I think there should be some sort of server for that. This will allow players to play survival, and survive with nothing but their hands to begin with, but also bring more excitement to the game.
  5. I don't think they have begun judging yet.
  6. I will be hosting a party on survival on the 14th of April for my 18th birthday. I plan on hosting a drop party, but I am extremely poor. xD Donations will be much appreciated by me and the others that will enjoy them being dropped. I will also give everybody that shows up a yet-to-be-determined amount of plays on the brand new slot machine. We will wing pretty much the rest of the part. Bring presents if you want, but you are not required to. Bringing yourself is good enough. Hope to see tons of you there! The party is on April 14 at 5:00pm EST time. Again, hope to see you all there!
  7. I will be the best!  I will be the strongest!  I will be turning 18 on the 14th!  Give meh a present or I rekt u.  Going to host a party on the 14th of this month on survival at 5:00pm EST time.  Hope to see you all there!  There will be many cakes, hopefully many people, and a drop party.  Bring your friends, and bring presents.  lol  (You don't have to give me a present.  Just bring yourself.) (You can bring a present if you want.) :D

  8. You have probably had this suggested thousands of times, but you should get something in the hub that tells who the top voters are over the course of the month (if possible). :D

  9. Here is a new, random idea you guys may or may not like. Lets try something a bit different by building a dungeon fit for Legend of Zelda! It must be a unique design! No water temples, no giant trees, etc. This would be a fun one to see everyone's creations!
  10. I just typed this to be on the home page for recent status changes. :D Notice me senpai!

    1. Miss_Val

      Miss_Val Mod


      am i senpai?.....

    2. pyrolily

      pyrolily Admin

      i see a ghost or are u a goat

  11. Meg and Lily are the only reasons this island progresses much, lol. I will be working on a new stone generator design soon Meg. It is still in the blueprint stage right now.

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