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1.9 Dragon

Hey guys I just wanted to give you some information about the way the dragon now works in 1.9 on the Pickaxis server.

The dragon, in both survival and skyblock, will spawn as normal on the third Tuesday of every month when the worlds are reset. This dragon, as normal, is on a first come first kill basis. 

We have had issues in the past where the dragon egg will not spawn, if this is the case please ask an admin who will check the logs and ensure you are given the egg. 

1.9 has made it possible for the dragon to be respawned. To do this you need to craft  end crystals and place it on top of the exit portal. This dragon will drop less xp than the initial dragon and will NOT drop an egg and an admin will not give you one. 

We did have a few initial problems with the generation of the dragon, I would like to thank you all for your patience in getting it up and running.

As with anything new, there will be teething problems, please report an issues you have to staff or here on the forum.

Finally I would like to give a massive shoutout and thanks to the legend that is  @NickG365 who has worked tirelessly to get the server updated for the Pickaxis family to enjoy, we all hope you enjoy the changes.


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