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  1. Hi! It's been a while :D

    1. pokeball92870


      sdean! saw you but I was AFK.... you should come back and we can chat a bit :D

  2. participate in "Pushups for Syrup"
  3. I'm still calling you sdean for old time's sake. :)

    1. Xtreme727


      xP I get that a lot

  4. The gas smelled like perfume
  5. Hey JDBoy =)
  6. 2O2
  7. Getting over enchanted items is possible, without a plugin, but it would be staff only. ./give <Player> <Item> 1 0 {ench:[{id:<Enchanting-ID>,lvl:<Level>}]}
  8. I twerked sooo hard that the server crashed. I was banned from the Lobby on reconnect
  9. Thanks guys! =)
  10. Hey guys! It's Xtreme727 =) I love PickAxis, ever since I started playing it ... My modern quote and possibly others from it: "One sec, I'll get off the server in a minute...maybe". About Meh) You can call meh X or something... ;P I enjoy hobbies, like eating, music, did I mention eating? and programming. I live in da state shaped like a Mitten, Michigan. I currently go to Allendale Highschool, as a Sophomore. I can be found on the Creative server most of the time. Be sure to say hi to me and I'll definately say hi back! =)

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