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  1. I just had my 30th on the 3rd. What'd you get me?
  2. HA! I like that award... Most time spent playing... congrats Ebed!
  3. a UHC event has been discussed and if one doesn't happen, I would be very very surprised. Talked to Nick and Husker about it on multiple occassions, at least the mechanics of how it would run. So yea, its coming. =-D dont know when though.
  4. Well, we technically DO have a prison server... meet me on Survival and I'll just do /jail. =-D
  5. Helios, drop a hint on the new BC? :D

  6. Behold, the cult of Husker. Where they worship the Lobby Gods... One of their members missed their mark.
  7. Go for the castle!
  8. I'll sign up. Not entirely sure at the moment I can make it, but I'd like to be able to if I can. senor helios8385
  9. PVP while fighting the dragon, fun! But, let's have a concrete time for the dragon spawn so people can plan for it. Make an event from it.
  10. I agree, no PVP if you're in flight... Can't be brought into it and can't start it from flight.
  11. Spring.... I demand to see Spring, now!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. HuskerGirl


      i want the same warm temperature every single day...ever.

    3. pokeball92870


      California- screw the seasons we do whatever weather we feel xD

    4. ninjabou


      i really like winter actually :(

  12. The results are in! January's top voters are... In 1st place with 151 votes, Malsamatic $30 store credit & 1000 tokens In 2nd place with 142 votes, vertigolf $20 store credit & 750 tokens In 3rd place with 130 votes, Mighty_Jak $10 store credit & 500 tokens Rank Player Reward 4thBnJbirds300 tokens5thgsdcs29615300 tokens6thkgindaheezy200 tokens7thScribNyan200 tokens8thKnightDraakon200 tokens9thcollinsohn200 tokens10thoAPEXoK3ZIA200 tokens Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who voted for supporting PickAxis! Who will be next month's top voters? View full announcement
  13. Hey everyone. Build contest results are delayed due to Comcast internet issues. I promise they'll be calculated and published Friday, Dec. 9!

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    2. Korexas


      No, I'm sure he ment December 9th.

    3. HuskerGirl


      Lack of internet makes calendaring hard.

    4. Mighty_Jak


      Why dont i ever win....

  14. The elves of PickAxis have been hard at work over this past holiday season, most recently setting out to judge the entries for the Winter Wonderland build contest. There were quite a few awesome builds, and the elves have selected their new home for the next year! First Place SCNickNamer $50 store credit & 500 tokens Second Place Bird $30 store credit & 450 tokens Third Place NEKOMENACE2 $20 store credit & 400 tokens Honorable Mention gsdcs29615 300 tokens Honorable Mention 9monkeys 300 tokens And finally, all entrants who finalized their plots with /plot done will receive 100 tokens. Thanks to everyone who took part in building and visiting our own little winter wonderland! Keep an eye out for our next build contest!

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