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  1. "Nice looking Ugly building contest" Okay you have to start making a nice looking building. It can't be made out of mud and it has to really be meant to look nice. I've made a couple of buildings this way. I started out with good intentions, then when I stepped back and looked at it, some tnt would have been nice to destroy the whole thing. Rules: 1 No mud 2 No multiple coloured blocks/bricks to make it look like it was intentionally made to look bad 3 It has to be look like genuine building of some sort. Like a house airship (plane balloon) pyramid, sky scraper statue of a dragon cat or whatever... but something just went wrong with it... like it came out uneven not the circle didn't come right or the thing is just ugly. 4. Or maybe you think it looks nice, but it's really messed up. (don't take it personally I know I have some ugly stuff out there) Staff can pick out the ugliest ones and post them and maybe the users can vote on them in the forums and make up prizes.
  2. Melcat

    Hi Ya's

    Hi I'm MomMelCat but perfered to be called Melcat. I was out looking for a small new friendly, established server to join and found this one and seem to like it so far. Made one mistake my first day but it was easily fixable. I came here to find refuge from a larger server, but I am finding out since I've retired from staff there about a month ago due to illness, that a lot of people are leaving it and or are not playing it on as much anymore. (I guess I made the server fun and enjoyable and kept people honest) I know we aren't supposed to talk about other servers, but I hope I can make this server fun and enjoyable too even though I have no interest in becoming staff on it. (been there done that just want to play the game) I will be bringing more people of the people I trust from my other server over once I get a little more established on this one. But I think I might have found a new home. I know I have a lot of exploring to do, there are a lot servers. I prefer survival and bit of creative. Creative because you can use it as a RPing server as well as for creating build contests on. This server is awesome because you brought all the items in to 1.9 with out making the players have to gain them through special contests voting "tokens". It seems like you made the blocks ready and able to buy in the world without worrying about what effect it would have on player PVP or the economy. You seem to run a server the right way.
  3. Like I said in a post before I am rather new to this server and just getting used to it. I had no idea there was a black market but I'm glad there is. Now I just have to figure out how to use this particular chest shop plugin
  4. I understand wanting to keep the economy balanced, but there seems to be a lack of items to be able to sell in Market area in survival. I like to mine items. I know I could put items up for auction I guess, but it would seem a little easier to have a place to sell the ores collected, besides making a shop myself in my town. A good example of this could be like 64 blocks of coal can sell for like 5$ Or Emeralds (which are rare but useless) can sell for 10 for 100$ I don't really know how you guys set your prices on things; but this is just an example. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your help
  6. I didn't know that if a building didn't belong in a town it is considered greifing. I was looking for materials to build with. I kind of sort of rekt a building. and cannot fix it. I wont do it again please don't ban me. Sorry for whose ever building I broke. It was just one though and I know the admin can figure out that I did it. This is my first day, so I'm really sorry. I thought the whole point of a towny server was to join a town so you wouldn't get your building messed with. And you cant get into the trunks so none of the valuables are touched.

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