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    Site is looking good @NickG365
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    Popcorn makes the best dinners.
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    what de heck i am graduated from highschool i started playing on here when i was like in the 7th grade
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    Brining life back into Pickaxis!
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    Hey all! I've started a twitch channel!!!!!! (Crowd screaming and applauding in the background) Thank you, thank you. Yes, I too and insanely excited for this as well! No autographs please. Anywho, everyone is welcome to come and observe me dying all over the place repeatably in all the fabulous games I attempt to play! I welcome all fellow streamers and anyone who just wants to join me to attend! I stream much of our fabulous server often in hopes of summoning more players to our lovely server that is Pickaxis. Oh! And, as always, am willing to help whenever you need! Come hang with me and be sure to vote daily so we can get us some people units to come join us in the merriment that will usually be a complete and total massacre of myself and probably the teammates I accidently team kill. Love always -Uni
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    Man, I saw a lot of builds for the Wishes of the Heart Build Contest, All of you guys did great! They look amazeballs <3
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    Guess whos back? Back again! Uni's back! Go grab your gems Get you axe, loot some sacks, ride those tracks (oowayo-o-o-o oowayoo-o-o-o)
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
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    First week off was good, got to work for a week then I am off again! Might work on some Halloween fun that week
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    got new profile pic

    got new profile pic
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    Good luck to everyone starting school this week.
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    Hey guys and girls if you aint seen this yet check it out its gonna be a blast https://pickaxis.com/forums/topic/911-the-drop-party/
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    Happy late bday zt mah mai man
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    Guard your butts folks the spawners on survival now work fully and will attack you. cave spiders have a long reach found that one out the hard way
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    I'm Back!... my computer's hard drive broke, and mine chat did not work for some reason but now I have a brand new laptop, so I can get back to business now!
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    Whenever I start a new home, the first thing I work on is the storage room. I can't handle chests filled with random items.
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    AxeVilleCity now open to the public! Big thanks to ZTolerance and SheTolerance for both letting my join their nation and help me pay the cost of the town!
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    Happy Easter peoples of Pickaxis
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    Today is my birthday!

    Today is my birthday!
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    It has been done! I have finished the castle for a sheep! SheepTolerance will be living in style with her 2 body golems: Ted and Fred.
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    Hi huskah

    Hi huskah
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    I miss MineCraft and all of you <3
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    HELLO Who thinks these new forums are beautiful? I sure do. I LOVE EM!'
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    the website is different!
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