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  1. So the objective of this game is to explain a game or series as horribly and basic as possible. You can list off as many games as you want, but you can not repeat a game someone else has already used. Ex. 1. Computer lady makes you jump through holes in the name of science 2. you jump down a hole and kill things while crying 3. space man crashes onto a planet and creates colorful onion slaves If nobody can guess a game description, then the description creator gains 1 point. (assuming the game is real and is explained in a believable way)
  2. WOOOOh Spring Break 2K17

    1. SheTolerance

      SheTolerance Admin

      oh dear... I've heard about those! 

    2. Yzrnxkn


      Their AWESOME!

  3. i've been working on not 1, not 2, but THREE huge School projects lately, so i haven't really had time to stop by, buuut im about done with them so in 1 or 2 more days i'll be back! :D

  4. Mission Save Rexxy was a success, The Doggo is at Home safe from Clare and her threats to drown my dog.
  6. Just because Mickey is a hippy and is a vegan, that does not mean that he has to only eat dust, maybe he can eat some dirt too.
  7. HA! as if a dog that eats fishy fish hippies that wear little red dickie from Mississippi would be a hippy retriever. although it's name is probably Mickey.
  8. Don't you know that a fishy fishy that wore a red dickie is only found is Mississippi?
  9. Hyped about thanksgiving break. And I can get on a lot more now! :D

  10. You make a conversation sentence by sentence but the first letter of the sentence has to start with the next letter of the Alphabet. if the conversation reaches Z it goes back to A afterwards. A dog once ate a fish here
  11. Still adding new ones, but I have some Location: /t spawn Axevillecity How to find: when you spawn in, look left at the giant block buildings Sells: As of now, the shops sell minerals, tools, enchantments, mob drops, and soon to be food If you have any questions ask - C_rex101
  12. I'm Back!... my computer's hard drive broke, and mine chat did not work for some reason <_< but now I have a brand new laptop, so I can get back to business now!:D

    1. Gsdcs

      Gsdcs Mod

      Welcome back! I was wondering where you went

    2. benpenguin2
  13. AxeVilleCity now open to the public! 

    Big thanks to ZTolerance and SheTolerance for both letting my join their nation and help me pay the cost of the town!:D

    1. SheTolerance

      SheTolerance Admin

      donations to the nation bank are always appreciated... :P glad to have you on board. I am in the process of making some cool areas and perks for the nation members

    2. Yzrnxkn


      Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  14. Today is my birthday! :D

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    2. Meg1626

      Meg1626 Mod

      Happy birthday!

    3. NickG365

      NickG365 Owner

      Happy birthday!  Hope you had an awesome day!

    4. m00s3


      Happy birthday!!


  15. It has been done! I have finished the castle for a sheep! SheepTolerance will be living in style with her 2 body golems:  Ted and Fred.

    1. Miss_Val

      Miss_Val Mod

      Thats Awesome!

  16. Okay, that makes since. Thank you for replying and clearing some things up. P.S. i was using the 500 to 1 coin as an example, you could have made it anything.
  17. Axeville City Now under construction! Expected time of finish : whenever i finish it.

  18. Dear Nick/Husker I believe that a player should be able to transfer a certain amount of tokens to a single coin. The reason I believe this is because since you get tokens by voting and voting helps the server grow on the charts, that an amount of about 500 tokens should be able to be turned into a coin. Because either you donate or just vote, you are still helping the server grow. And if 500 tokens turn into 1 coin, then it would take 10 days of voting for a coin, 100 days for iron, and 200 for the other ranks. Sincerely C_rex101 P.S. i thought it would be fun to make this in letter form so i did.
  19. Axeville City now under construction! expected date of finish: when ever i feel like finishing 

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