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  1. If your having issues with discord there are currently outages at there end just wait a bit it will come back online.

  2. When you realize you have been logged out on something after a month then get spammed.

  3. .... Never thought id say this but im looking foward to winter.

    1. NickG365

      NickG365 Owner

      I'll trade you a winter for a summer!

  4. Merry christmas everyone.

  5. I got bored and made two lol the second one is a hobby build aka the first house i actually finish decorating on le server
  6. Personally for me its persona 5 and the remaster for crash bandicoot. What about you guys and girls
  7. You should add some pics as the area grows to show progress.
  8. We have moved over to discord now mostly the link to it is in the server banner. And welcome back
  9. Let us hope no more hospital visits are in my future and i do not break my computer again.

    1. NickG365

      NickG365 Owner

      Hope you're feeling better!  Let me know if you need anything!

  10. So since my computer is broken for a couple days i decided to get some back work done ..... i fixed another computer and a ipad both had been broken for months and completed all chores for the week i feel a sense of accomplishment but im bored as hell and ready to get back building please gimme some ideas to build when i get it back best idea will win a small prize from me.

  11. So hows everyone doing?

  12. Fun before drop party on skyblock http://imgur.com/a/mOuMi 

  13. changing my skin link me some suggestions :3 keep em pg

    1. TheLavaMobGuy


      like what kind of skin do u want? like a woman skin/lava skin/anything?

  14. Hey guys and girls if you aint seen this yet check it out its gonna be a blast  https://pickaxis.com/forums/topic/911-the-drop-party/


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