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  1. Its been a minute yall. Legit almost a decade?

  2. getting kicked out of the house in less than a week... new friends, new home, new area. ADVENTURE AWAITS!!!!

    1. killaboymol

      killaboymol Mod

      Don't forget dora she knows all the places lmao


  3. guys should put the discord widget on the site
  4. my questions is why do u have such low health?
  5. u should code a custom plugin for pickaxis that gives us penguins.... or retexturize chickens as penguins and send us the pack....
  6. http://i.swsm.us/jOp8r WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Pinball7wiz

      Pinball7wiz Revered

      looks white and gold to meh

    3. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      i don't see anything, just darkness

    4. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      this background makes it look white and gold, but in reality its blue.

  7. u dont need fly to build a wall but fly does help alot with a castle. so GO FOR THE CASTLE
  8. HEY! WB Wrena! Missed you around here. Hope you have a gr8 stay!
  9. Come join me. Help me out. Watch. Bug me. Idk http://www.twitch.tv/collinsohntwitch
  10. I would rather have the head the size of a watermelon. Would you rather: Have the super power to create anything but no one knows you made it -or- The Intellect to design anything and everyone knows you designed it
  11. Ok i checked your post and In this specific post there is nothing in those areas. just Space. Please dont lie about it with "htmls instead of links" and then tell others to like it because its "spamming your post" when you specifically asked for people to ask you for requests.
  12. Secretly Tim Uses Pdf In Dire Liquid Yaks
  13. Students Take Underwear Dipped In Escargo Snails

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