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  1. Seagull195


  2. Happy holidays, and a happy new year!~ <3

  3. Uuuugh.... I caught a horrid stomach bug and I woke up at 4:45 ;-;

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Just in time to get a lot done!

    2. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      But I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

    3. Mighty_Jak
  4. When They Cry; it seems like you like horror/death animes. Anyways, my friend wants me to watch Inuyasha, and so does my sister, but I'm not too sure. It seems sorta old. ._."
  5. Wish granted, but you go on a killing spree and end back up in jail. I wish I didn't have anxiety...
  6. Yuuuus It's around that time o' year.
  7. On the first day of Christmas, SNK gave to me.... My faith in humanity <3

  8. Seagull195


    Yeeeesss....~ We shall rule...~
  9. What about green lemons? (Whispering) ... They're called limes? Limes, then.
  10. Wish granted, but you get the flu next. I wish there were flying kittens
  11. So many likes on Christmas build! Dang, people! Wait... this means I'm loved!? *^*

    1. SCNickNamer

      SCNickNamer Builder

      yes, but not because of your post

    2. Miku

      Miku Forum Mod

      Is that even a question? :3

  12. Hey, guys! I was wondering, since it's getting close to that time of year, if we could do a holiday build competition? I think doing it would be a ton of fun like the super hero/villain build. Like, it'd be a holiday theme, such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. Would that be possible?
  13. Seagull195


    Well, Miku already won this battle, I don't see why you two pesky little humans are still floating around us like the bugs you are. Shoo, shoo, little bugs, before we, the rulers of this forum, crush you and turn you into dust that we will find on your caskets.
  14. Seagull195


    ... Mikuuu.... O^Q ........... Uhh... Someone, help. ,3, So scawu, much scare.
  15. Seagull195


    Yes, puny mortal. Run while you still have your legs to carry your pathetic hide!
  16. Going to Animaritime in 2015!!!!

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      is that anime in the water?

    2. Seagull195


      ... Canada... ._.

  17. New: Updated anime list thanks to my friend (Warning, some may contain Eechi/Hentai. I have warned you!) ANIMES TO WATCH
  18. Brother got in trouble for flushing a water bottle down a toilet, flooding the boy's bathroom =_=

    1. Xtreme727


      My brother was playing Webkins(i think thats wat its called) yesterday. He got mad at the game, so he took his stuffed animal thing and flushed it down the toilet. Then the water in my moms sink stopped when she tried turning it on.... i've yet to know whats happened today tho (not home yet)

    2. HOOOSK
    3. collinsohn

      collinsohn Admin

      did u try turning it on and off?

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  19. ^ Full Metal Alchemist much? I bring out the Star Wars movies, luring you down (Your Boba Fett picture :3 ), and I kick you off the hill. My hill!~

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