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  1. Thank you! I'll see if I can get some coins and tokens
  2. Hi guys, it's been a very long time since I've posted or done activities in Pick-Axis, so I don't really know if this has been added. Exams, summer homework, and family visits have led me to asking this question now, so I apologize if this has been added. Is there a way to have more than one plot in creative mode? I heard Mods and Admins can have more than one, but for regular players who haven't been ranked yet, is there a way to have more? If they can't, is there a possibility of added more plot spaces in the future? I have been on the server since it started, so it's getting tiring; having to reset the same plot over and over again so I can build something new. This is probably a very stupid question, but It had to be asked sometime. Thank you! -Blaze
  3. They look cool! They should like, fight together in epic battles
  4. Party!! I haven't seen you in forever!
  5. Ooooh! I remember building this. I built a McDonald's and a few other things lol. But if we do another city like this, we can Internet famous again
  6. WOO HOO!! yeah, it's my birthday! I just wanted to post that everyone here has made my year, you guys are like the coolest present to me. This server and its community has really helped me during hard times and when I have free-time lol. You guys are the first people I turn to. Valentine's really isn't something for me, because when love is in the air, I spray Febreeze all over the place and celebrate my birthday. But guys, thank you so much for being the coolest community ever, and may I play this server for many years to come!!
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I was sorta busy during that time... But I think we need like, a really cool intro and maybe something cool but explanatory to begin with. Top Ten things you can do in Pick-Axis? That will promote our plugins, advertise, and attract more players (more cash!)
  8. the real reason of Black Friday was for people to dress in black-light neon suits to survive shopping in the dark, but after a horrible accident, it was just deduced to shopping with murderers who want dolls for their kids. highlighters.
  9. I propose the idea of doing WEEKLY PICK-AXIS TOP TENS as a cool idea to show off the many talented builders in the server and to show off our server as well! Examples include, but not limited to: Top Ten Creative Builds, Top Ten Pick-Axis Skyblock Worlds, Top Ten Redstone Contraptions, Top Ten Survival Worlds, etc. I think this would be a very cool idea
  10. it completely blows up your computer and then soon, the world. bees that look kiwis.
  11. counting to 1,000,000 and back will forever be a "hot" topic on the forums because it has a secret mind control device the pleads you to join in. donkeys.
  12. Many people think the NES games saved us from the video game crash of the 80's, but what really saved us was E.T. for the Atari. Jell-O
  13. Wish granted, but then I steal your wishes. I wish I could Smash tourney everyone here.
  14. YUS! Another contest! Now if you'll have to excuse me, I'll be plotting out my wonderland

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