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  1. When I first saw Nick's Profile pic/ signature: OH MY GOD ALOIS TRAN- Nope. Not him.

    1. SCNickNamer

      SCNickNamer Builder

      Nope, not him it's Klavier Gavin from Phoenix Wright.

    2. Fokemaster


      ^^ Indeed. Totally not one of the best series ever.

  2. I totally understand. Thank you for looking at it, and I'll be eagerly waiting for the UHC!
  3. Since I found out about UHC (Ultra HardCore)'s awhile ago, I've been wanting to play one again, but I haven't had the chance. I would love it if we were to be able to host one, as I'm sure many others would too! But, sadly, I'm not sure of the prizes they should get. But, this is merely a suggestion, but again, I, and possibly others, would love to do it. Thank you!~
  4. You will never be as great as Geass. I wish I could be a unicorn
  5. The banana hears you and kills you. I wish I was loved by all
  6. My shower curtain fell on me when I was taking a shower... ;--;

    1. Pinball7wiz
    2. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Next time fall on the shower curtain while it's taking a shower. Let it know how it feels.

    3. TemtiaStardust

      TemtiaStardust Revered

      I literally just laughed out loud at Husker's response. omg

  7. Umm... I've watched way too many animes >.> Here's my list of what I've watched, then I'll do the genre... Hetalia- ComedySword Art Online- AdventureDeath Note (Have yet to finish it)- Death/Gore Attack on Titan- Adventure/GoreChobits (HYTFI)- AdorableBlue Exorcist (Next on my list)- ???Sword Art Online S. 2- AdventureShugo Chara (HYTFI)- Adorable/actionFullmetal Alchemist- Adventure/Action/Gore ... Yeah. My list of anime. I need more. ;-;
  8. I'm so nooby... how do I show my desktop off? ;-;
  9. Whatever I want...? You are now Aus-chan. Take it and wear it on your sleeve. :3
  10. ;-; Oh, Geeves-chan.... I missed you ;-; I shall take a moment, and salute my Titan attacking Senpai.
  11. It looks so freaking cool *^* I want these shaders
  12. (´ q ` ” ) I want that candy house.... Om nom nommm~
  13. @Wrena I feel the pain... when my friends say I did a good job at a drawing, but I just throw it in the trash and start on a new one and they yell at me ;-;

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