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  1. As you wish for more wishes, you make a mistake, causing your death. I wish I could meet my friends from Skype in real life.
  2. So sore from partying too hard ;-;

  3. Bat Mitzvah in a week. WOO!

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Yay! What do you have planned?

    2. Seagull195


      Nothing too big :P But I get to hang with my relatives.

  4. Down Town Trick or Treat today! Going Alice style! :D

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      How was it? Pics?

    2. Xtreme727


      ^ or it didun happen :o

    3. Seagull195


      I have pics.... .///. I looked so stupid though, with bright red cheeks.

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  5. VOCALOID ARE SO ANIME! *Wipes away nosebleed* They are drawn as anime... but they don't have an anime yet. :I I throw yuri at your face, and as you're having a nosebleed, I shove you off. My hill!
  6. I use the power of anime to lure you off the hill and I turn you into fanboy dust! My hill!
  7. Can we shares? Our hill...? *Sneaks up behind Husker and shoves her off* NOPE! MINE!
  8. I love that he adds the cat in both of the songs xDDD
  9. I have too many favorite games... Here's one I'm working on right now with my friend from Canada over Skype That's DRAMAtical Murder (DMMD) I don't recommend playing it, but it does have a good soundtrack That's IB or Witch's House, whatever you prefer. It's a retro type game, and it's horror as well, and this is one I found in beautiful English <3
  10. Sherlock! Sherlock, Sherlock, Sherlock! Uuuugh, I love him *^* But, I'm also looking forwards to seeing Hell's Kitchen and other cooking shows. They amaze me how much people can do under so much pressure and so little time!
  11. I'm a pokemon in my play. Whut?

    1. Miku
    2. Fokemaster


      What kind of play requires you to be a pokemon? XD

    3. Miku

      Miku Forum Mod

      The best kind of play alright? Lol I want to see it >w<

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  12. I'm terrified of puppets too... they just creep me out, especially the ones that can blink. It's too human like for me to enjoy them...
  13. Hopefully gonna be in a fall play at my school. First play ever. Wish me luck! >w<

  14. Every year since I was little, we've always gone to this place in Maine called Hampton, and there were so many seagulls there *^* But, this username actually started out with my sister, whom had come up with it, and it had stuck to me ever since. So, I'm supposed to be 195 different seagulls... maybe there are that many seagulls in Hampton...? But, yeah. Seagull195. Let's go, my brethren!
  15. Dammit, School, Y U NU LET ME RELAX!?

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