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  1. It really makes me happy that this place still exists and I can hop onto the server and do some building and look at old creations......never change paradis*cough* I mean pickaxis ........same thing.

  2. I can possibly make week days work, but Friday afternoon-evening work best for me
  3. I'm DMG, if anyone wants to play a comp. But ill do casual and such with any of yall if i have the time.
  4. Well..this was a lot of words that i sorta skimmed over.......I second Jinx, a map that is not flat and has the same WE as the build server would be nice for building large cities.
  5. hehe...great now I have to compete against nick and bird....with no second place......well looks about time to make a downsized version of my cathedral and copy/paste that around XD Does sound like a good idea though.
  6. hhmmmm ok let's left click here, right click here......./copy.........../paste-a..........that 10x10 obsidian cube should suffocate you sometime soon.......I'm not entirely sure who to suffocate though.......
  7. finals in four days....sorta exited, sorta scared.......i should probably be studying right now though.....

    1. Ryan

      Ryan Builder

      You, me collab 1:30?

    2. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Good luck with finals this week!

  8. 2......assuming miku was 1....and assuming builders count as staff

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