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  1. Sorry, don't like to double post, but got another perk idea! A virtual furnace. Access it with a command and then you can smelt items constantly, anywhere you may be. It seems like there is a mod already to do this, so no coding! http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/virtualpack/
  2. We are all winners on Pickaxis
  3. Maybe add a 1.9 pack and not remove the 1.8?
  4. In theory, it should. I don't think I have any bottles to test with.
  5. I have an idea! 1.9 gave us the mending enchantment, which repairs tools and armor via XP orbs. Completing challenges gives up XP points, but does not apply to tools or armor with mending. I know it would take a bunch of coding, but to make a token perk to make challenges XP points turn into orbs, that will go into the mending of tools or armor? I think having that full time would be OP, so make it last for an hour, or so, each purchase.
  6. I looked, but could not find the entrance. Oh well, back to skyblock!
  7. The Drop party donate hopper, at spawn island, must be full, it wont accept any more items.
  8. I would adopt a penguin for a pet! Unfortunately, probably not the best idea.
  9. I had the same thing with the furnaces, all 5 I have did the same thing. No issue with hoppers with me so far
  10. We have a mob capture plugin?
  11. Where does one get those nice caricature avatars? Many of the people on the staff page, https://pickaxis.com/staff/ have them. I fell left out!

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