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  1. Pickaxis is really a plot for Nick and Husker to slowly gain all the support and information needed to take over all other Minecraft servers and be the supreme and ONLY server. This fact I believe we all are actually pretty much okay with. That little bit at the end of the banana that you can't eat.
  2. *My ashes get in your nose and causes you to sneeze yourself off the hill* Haha, my ashes are still up here.
  3. *Kicks gav into oblivion* No boys, you are mistaken. This is my hill.
  4. New update of screenshot! Don't forget to check my twitter, even more screenies there @GeevesPie
  5. Dang this looks awesome! If you need any testers, I am more than willing
  6. Don't forget to check out my twitter account! More screenshots are there!! @GeevesPie

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