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  1. Welcome to Pickaxis Typi! I'm usually on Skyblock, if you're ever on there I'll be glad to help you get started
  2. How do you even manage to do that XD
  3. Psst I need music Discs on skyblock for the maestro challenge, I have moneys to pay for them <3

    1. KingPoutine

      KingPoutine Revered

      I think I have em all, not sure, hmu next time you're on

  4. I use instagram more than tumblr but here: oragamikitten.tumblr.com
  5. Finished half of Alec and I's skyblock bottom layer, huge thanks to Casanova for the stone gen tutorial :)

  6. For whatever reason they are all sideways but whatever, these are some of mine that I'm pretty proud of.
  7. Haha! Second semester of school started and I'm out of the Honors math class and no longer failing any of my classes. :) Minecraft here I come

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    2. pokeball92870


      Straight A student in advanced learning program here- it's hard but I don't give up!

      (or mb it's what they all say, cuz I'm asian)

    3. Mighty_Jak


      Lucky...They put alot of pressure on me to pass these tests...but the pressure always makes me fail...

    4. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      i feel you mighty jak, i hate pressure too

  8. Haven is awesome, just watched the newest episode earlier today Really hoping Audrey can fight Mara off.
  9. I pushed you down the hill. My hill!

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