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  1. is it possible to set up a shop in the shop or black market area to sell blaze rods to. It would be really useful
  2. Its very simple, if you own a chest shop leave a message on here, it can be i have a shop at /is warp (playername) to a detailed post about what you buy and sell. Thought this may become useful after another player mentioned a list =P /is warp NEKOMENACE2 -Buys lots of cobble and some other stuff -Sells random stuff mainly food -Ask and i do sell a range of banners when i am able to make them -Warning my stock varies a lot due to my current busy life and trouble getting online to play
  3. When results for a contest are posted on the 27th but your British so now its already the 28th =P

    1. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      You're so ahead of the times.

  4. Yes that must be it! Someone is using HAXS to take over my life and make all I love break
  5. just came from fighting the enderdragon =P yes.....yes i do no it was not more wheat it was uninstalling minecraft DX
  6. I don't know i touched nothing it just did it
  7. Something is on my mind, i just don't know what that something is, it might be pancakes, yea its pancakes

  8. Mhe everyone was killing each-other as its only 30 mins bans, things get spicy when it goes up to the 24 hours
  9. Hardcore is all about dat friendship =P

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