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  1. Fandom Build Contest Build something based off of your favorite Book, Movie or TV show
  2. Does anyone know when the mining world is going to reset? It's supposed to be the third Tuesday of the month right? Or did that change while I have been away.
  3. I hope more people will do that. Wouldn't be awesome to have multiple levels?
  4. For everyone looking for an update I have more pictures!
  5. There is so much room. There is enough room for everyone to make at least one house, and sometimes two. I'm excited to see what you make!
  6. Thank you @pyrolily that is a great idea
  7. Location: /t spawn Demons Run How to find: Exit the spawn building and to the right. There is a Tavern, Menus are in the box if you are looking for something specific Sells: Potions! Buys: Nothing at the moment Extras: Drop us a line at Demons Run, for any Deals you might need to make. We will find a way.
  8. Hello Survival buddies! For everyone on Survival I'm working on a small project and would like a little help. I'm building a giant area with gardens and houses and such. It's not going to be a town just a side project I'm having fun with. I thought it would be awesome though if I could get a bunch of different people to design houses for the area. I want a large variety so as big or as small as you want, using whatever materials you like best, following the guidelines of the server of course. If anyone would like to help I have posted a picture to show you the area where the houses are being built. The coordinates are (-2863, 179), approximately. Lastly, I'm happy to help with any materials you would need for the build. Feel free to message me on the survival server for any further questions. Sincerly, ~Untypical!
  9. Only 2 days of vacation left and so many projects I want to finish. O.O there isn't enough time in a day.

  10. Hey everyone! That's it, go about your business. 

  11. You should wait till like 9:00pm your time to post hints, that's about when I get off work XD
  12. Took on my first enderdragon! That was scary and fun

    1. Meg1626

      Meg1626 Mod

      Congrats! Did you get the egg? :)

    2. TypicallyUntypical


      It was a tag team effort, Lily got the egg, I got the levels.

  13. Okay, making progress. I found a cold taiga, ice plains and ice mountains. Still no ice spike biome though

    1. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      YOU CAN DO IT! (especially because i can ask you for flower biome coords!)

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