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  1. I can check prism for you, should say if anything was done to it
  2. This is what, in the medical field, they call 'Tripping balls'
  3. Has it been when a bunch of other people have been online?
  4. You are sort of asking for a stone gen that doesnt use lava or water. Cacti is nice and all but it does destroy any drops that touch it
  5. I do like the idea of the nether/end in skyblock being a high risk area to go into. Mixes things up a little bit from the norm. At the same time Skyblock also needs Mob arenas to battle WITH other people and win other rewards... possibly 1.8 items we cant normally get since skyblock is, well, skyblock.
  6. Granted, but its 90% cocoa I wish my chocolate hadn't of melted this morning on my laptop
  7. I can see through Huskers charade and know she is mocking me
  8. So I believe the end/nether get reset soon, just wanted to give you all a heads up that not all the nether fortresses have been raided So if you need diamonds, gold, or iron... there is still some to be had.
  9. Vertinoob, its a 1.8 glitch since we are not fully 1.8. #1. Change client to 1.7.x or #2. get more xp until it works I forgot the moral of the story. Its lying to you.
  10. So we see some odd pics, show the best ones you have found
  11. Yeah the best idea is to place torches in a grid pattern, always 3 blocks between each torch, That will prevent hostiles from spawning. We already limit the mobs to 25 per chunk, Skyblock has always been a magnet for massive mob buildup. P.S. If you dont like the look of torches, try glowstone in the floor with carpet on top, or snow
  12. Well sure, I could make a cobblestone gen that will go twice as fast, but it takes twice as long to mine. Stone breaks quicker, Plus if you have a Eff V pick and a beacon with Haste II, the stone instantly breaks.
  13. Please note how he referred to it as a touchpad drive, Does it support blu ray and dvd? it better.
  14. Yes, Pig is my tech support agent. On a side note, since he completely ignored my original question, which, turning the touchpad off will not fix, here is a comic about how I currently feel. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/customer_service

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